Enhance Your Drone Flying Experience With the Best Drone Apps

You are looking to have some fun while flying your drone and also wish to throw your handheld mobile device into the mix? You will definitely need to get some Android or iOS apps downloaded and installed into your device. But which ones should you really go for? Your drone manufacturer will surely have an app or two for their device, but what other options have you got? Read this post to know more about the best drone apps out there.

Let’s discuss a few fundamentals up front in relation to drone apps. What are you actually looking to extract or accomplish with the help of your drone? It could be that you are looking to ensure that your flying experience remains with the ambit of the prescribed rules and regulations, your drone does not cross the stipulated altitude limit or can fly in a particular location. There is an app for this specific purpose. If you are looking to keep track record of your flight excursions, there is an app for that as well. You can also be interested to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts to ensure that you have a seamless flying experience. Your needs can vary on the basis of the drone in your possession. Your camera drone will have different requirements from those of a racing drone.

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Go through our list and know for yourself the functionalities and features non-manufacturer apps can invoke in your drone. We hope that you will come across something that is new and handy as well.


Google Earth 

Google earth map

You will all have had issues while figuring out a place to fly your drone in. There are some mapping drone apps available out there that can help your determine a location where you can fly your drone in. Safety is an important that is considered in these apps. In addition to safe places to fly, you can browse through the Google Earth to unfurl the remarkable places to fly. Google Earth is free for your handheld mobile device and is available on the web also.

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 This app can help you carry out so much more stuff than simply mapping out a location for your next flight or keep a track record of your flight excursions. Airmap is one of the best drone apps that is being used for commercial drone flights and has the support of tech giants such as Microsoft, Qualcomm and Yuneec. Do get intimidated by their drone mapping, geo-fencing and flight logging apps. You can get plenty of value with the real time traffic alerts feature in this app.

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The app can be used for both basic needs as well as your commercial piloting needs.
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 The FAA is the law enforcement agency responsible for ensuring that the laws in relation to drones are obeyed throughout the US. This app has been developed by them and tells the drone owners where and when they can fly their machines. Having said that, the app does have its limitations and bugs since it could also sometimes tell you not to fly in a few spaces where actually you can. However, the app provides the most exhaustive list of airports around you within a radius of about 5 miles. So, if you want to get access to some legal information about drones in the US, it is one of the best drone apps that you can get your hands on.
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 This app has not got the plaudits it deserves so far and not many are aware of the features that it furnishes. In addition to providing mapping and geo-location information, it also provides weather updates. You just have to take a glimpse at the app to know if it is safe for you to fly or not. It takes visibility, wind, location and other factors into consideration and is certainly quite a formidable app to be present in your smartphone or tablet’s app drawer.

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