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A Private Plane Company Launches Gas Electric Drone

Recently, a private plane company launched a new American-made drone i.e. hybrid gas-electric drone. The name of the company couldn’t be any more generic i.e. Advanced Aircraft Company. The drone is a long-endurance hybrid-electric unmanned aircraft system created for public safety and commercial purposes. HAMR drone is the name of the product, and it also has a hybrid gas-electric propulsion system. Its price is $58,500.

About the Private Plane Company

HAMR drone is in the development phase for around four years, and this private plane company opened in 2017. The founder of this company is a NASA aerospace engineer and military veteran, Bill Fredericks. He is also a former artillery officer in the US Marine Corps who was responsible for Afghanistan in 2011 with a rocket artillery battery (HIMARS). His other design contributions include NASA Greased Lightning and NASA X-57 Maxwell.

Private Plane


After the release of this drone, this private plane company organized an $850,000 funding program, which brought their overall funding to $2m. Recently, it is investing massively in the global drone industry. Their investment hit a record $2.34 billion last year. Advanced Aircraft Company claims that the new capital will get used in manufacturing, research acceleration, team expansion, and international growth. 

Their headquarters are in Hampton, Virginia and it is one of the most promising American-made drone companies out there.  

How to get your hands on the drone?

The HAMR drone launched on 1st August. However, it isn’t that new. Many customers used this private plane company invention in the past year. As a consequence of its success, the company is now accepting productional orders from the general public. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect to be buying this drone from Best Buy. You have to purchase this drone directly from the company, and your purchase will include on-site training.

The price of this drone starts from $58,500. However, it could go as high as $120,000, depending upon your upgrade choices.

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