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South Africa use drones for good by supplying vaccines

It is not the worst kept secret in the world that drones for good use are often highlighted in this pandemic. The disasters such as earthquake and floods disable a person from moving to the affected area comfortably. This is where they try to use their drones to a good effect. These products have made it easier for them to locate the survivors and provide medications to the remote locations in South Africa.

Drones for good use brings a positive vibe

drones for good

South Africa have decided to integrate drones for good use in a way that it is speeding up vaccination programs in the developing countries where there is lack of vaccine supply. Thanks to these products, the people who live in the remote locations or nearby can get access to the vaccines as soon as they are able to receive it.

Another good sign of drones for good use is that these products can enable us to overcome certain physical barriers. They can stop us from going door-to-door and provide the vaccines on their own. We just need to know how to locate those affected areas and leave the rest to them.

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However, one big negative point regarding these supply of vaccines is that you need to maintain a low temperature during transportation. As for now, only AstraZeneca vaccines are being successfully transported. The temperature should be around 2 degrees to 6 degrees. Otherwise, the vaccines may lose their impact.

Final Thoughts

There is another 60% of the population that lives in Sub-Saharan Africa. They have limited vaccines at their disposal. Therefore, many die due to preventable diseases. Therefore, the federal government have decided to use drones for good cause as they were able to deliver humanitarian aid to difficult areas or regions that armed with conflict.

They are a massive asset to stopping coronavirus spreading across Africa. Thanks to them, this country will be able to achieve healthcare equity very soon. South Africa have truly shown that you can use the drones to its maximum potential in the current pandemic.


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