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Best Africa Drone Footage – VIDEO

In addition to these exquisite Africa drone footage, it’s time that you get mesmerized by these incredible drone video footage portraying the amazing continent of Africa in all its awe and splendor.

We have also included some interesting facts and links that will provide further insight into the country where the video has been shot in. It is needless to say that the continent of Africa is full of breathtaking scenery.

Africa drone Footage

You can come across a wide range of drone videos capturing Africa along its length and breadth. Some countries are probably captured more in contrast to the others. The videos that we will be sharing with you encompass the Victoria Falls in Zambia, Western Cape of South Africa, Turkana County in Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Burkina Faso, and Tanzania.

The last of the videos is simply mind-boggling. This Africa drone footage was captured in no less than three long years and they shed light on the stunning landscape that this lovely continent has.

Africa drone Footage

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Victoria Falls in Zambia

The waterfall that is twice as wide and twice as deep as the famous Niagara Falls has been covered in its ravishing beauty in this amazing drone video footage.

South Africa

DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro have recorded some gorgeous video clips of the Western Cape of South Africa which arguably is one of the most delightful places you will find on the surface of the earth,



Africa drone Footage

Rhino Africa Safaris have captured this astounding video footage that reveals the inner beauty of Namibia which is a land of diverse wildlife and includes the ancient tree graveyard of Deadvlei.

Turkana County, Kenya

The Eliye Springs on Lake Turkana was once home to a human skull that dated between 200,000 and 300,000 years old and the same lake has been captured in this magnificent Africa drone footage.

Ngandanjika, DRC

Covering the rural and rustic African landscape, this video footage will blow your minds away as it gives a true reflection of resplendent Africa.

Burkina Faso

Yuneec Breeze drone has recorded this prolific video footage of the landlocked Burkina Faso which is bordered by six countries.


If you are someone who takes a fancy to wildlife safaris, beaches and diverse cultures, then this superb video footage captured with a drone will certainly be able to capture your imagination.

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