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2021 drone leaders celebrate Inaugural Airward Awards

In 2021, the drone industry came up with an idea to pay tribute to the 2021 drone leaders. They hosted an Inaugural Airward Awards to capture the best drone photos in the industry. The massive advocacy groups like AUVSI have called out these leaders exclusively. The new drone awards in town look to be the big news so far i.e. Airward.

The drone leaders of 2021

In the new Airward Award ceremony, the organization looked at the 100 nominees selected from the international companies. From the 100 nominees, Airward brought the figure down to 16 winners, which were announced between 24th and 28th of May.

We will name out some of the winners from the drone leaders of 2021. The first one was Rehkitzrettung Schweiz who won from the Agriculture category. His responsibility was to protect the wildlife from farm machinery during the period of grass harvest. He represents Switzerland.

The second winner is VIZGARD who won from the Defense, Security and Surveillance category. He is also one of the best up and coming drone leaders today. His responsibility was to use the computer vision to automate surveillance, especially in the GPS-denied circumstances. He is from the United Kingdom.

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The third winner is AerialMetric who won from the category of Medical and Healthcare. His responsibility was the delivery of required medicines and vaccines in the remote/affected areas in Northern Madagascar. He is also considered to be one of the best drone leaders in the winners’ list.

These were three of the most notable names in the winners’ list.

Final Thoughts

The nomination for the Inaugural Airward Awards was open from December 2020 to March 2021. The audience picked out the best drone leaders in the industry. There were three things that the audience looked into a leader i.e. innovation, responsibility and impact.

Apart from that, Airwards also were able to highlight five organizations that were selected as per the inaugural Airwards People’s Choice Awards. There were more than 10,000 votes being casted by the public.

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