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Women to Watch in 2021 UAS Award Ceremony

It is unbelievable that the UAS drone award ceremony used to be a small initiative to regard the hardworking women. Throughout the years, the 2021 UAS awards gained a lot of attraction. The partnership with arguably the biggest tech conference in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show, is key to its spotlight. You will be able to see Women to Watch presented live at CES 2022 on 6th January 2022 (Thursday) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What to expect from Women to Watch award ceremony?

award ceremony

The Women to Watch awards regards all the women in the drone industry. These women worked blood and sweat to make a name for themselves.  The nominations are done online to culminate a massive event in-person for the celebration of the honorees. Initially, the expectation of the scheduling of its live ceremony was at the 2021 Interdrone conference. However, things have changed regarding this award ceremony.

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In this summer, Emerald Expositions, a team that manages the press conference, declared the cancellation of this event. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organized called off the Interdrone 2020 event. Anne Nderitu claimed the award of the 2020 Humanitarian Team Award Honoree. Even though the cancellation of this award ceremony was a huge negative, it hasn’t harmed the reputation of women in any shape or form.

Has the CES award ceremony benefited the drone companies?

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If you want to see the 2020 Women to Watch awards, make sure to click on the image above.

For now, stage looks to be the Neon Capital of the World as CES is making a comeback to Vegas.  Their plans are for CES 2022. Previously, many companies promoted their innovations via CES events. Sony used CES 2021 to promote Sony Airpeak Drone, whereas the U.S. Secretary of Transportation revealed 2019 CES keynote. Moreover, DJI promoted DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone during CES 2019.


“When a door closes, a window opens. We are absolutely ecstatic that CES, the world’s most influential tech event, is hosting our 5th Anniversary Women to Watch award ceremony“.  Sharon Rossmark, Women and Drones CEO

For this year’s event, the organizers will give awards to the women employees on the following basis

  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Security
  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Attraction

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