3 Best RC HoverCrafts

If you are looking for something cool, awesome, and entertaining, it cannot get better than RC hovercrafts. This an incredible device that will surely gain the attention of your kids. But how do you buy one? Is it okay to go to the market and buy one without getting to know which one suits you the most. We have decided to make your decision making a lot easier as we bring to you the best RC hovercrafts.

We can understand your feelings when you put RC hovercrafts in Amazon’s search box and it displayed thousands of devices on your screen. You do not need to sweat over it since we have three of the best RC racing hovercrafts for you each loaded with different features.

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SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat

Your neighbors will be in for a jaw-dropping surprise when they see the SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat zipping along in your lawn.

This is fabulous and versatile RC hovercrafts that boast a scintillating design. It does not include any wheels or conventional airbag but comes with impressive corkscrews that furnish power to the hovercraft over land, water, snow and presumably any planet other than the earth. It incorporates a powerful motor and can conquer anything that gets in its way. It comes with a 7.2V rechargeable battery which provides around 20 minutes of playtime when charged completely. It is a formidable device that is water-tight. So, drive it through puddles or even a lake without any worry.

Touted as one of the most versatile RC hovercrafts to have hit the shelves, SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat is placed slightly towards the higher end of the price spectrum. However, worth just below $100, it is a good device to have for your kids. It is water-tight so your kids will not have to wait for the summers to arrive. They can have fun with it all the year long.


  • Boasts a water tight body
  • Can race on any surface
  • Sports a versatile design
  • Offers 20 minutes of playtime


  • Slightly expensive
  • Your neighbor’s dog might get scared (pun intended!)

Toy Quest Remote Radio Control RC Hovercrafts

This is an exceptional device that could be an excellent gift to your kids as they First RC Hovercraft.

Boasting an attractive design, the Toy Quest Remote Radio Control RC Hovercrafts are able to conquer the land, water and snow. Again, this is another hovercraft that can be used throughout the year. When it comes to being water-resistant, it is one of the better technically equipped devices available on the market. The engineers were well aware, at the time of its development that kids would want to try it out on virtually any surface and so they ensured that it lived to their expectations. This is a great machine but you will have to buy a separate 9V battery with it.

We believe that the Toy Quest Remote Radio Control RC Hovercraft is a cool gadget and your kids would certainly enjoy having one. The manufacturers claim that it can conquer virtually any kind of surface. However, it is quite disappointing that you have to purchase an additional battery with the device. Having said that, it is still a cool device that you should have.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Cool design
  • Can race on any surface
  • Ideal gift to be your kid’s first hovercraft


  • It is large in size so requires large space for storage
  • You have to purchase an additional battery with the device

Multifunctional RC Hovercrafts Radio Remote Controlled R/C Air Powered Boat

This device does not hover but comes with a large piece of foam that acts as a base and two large fans that are rotated by a motor that makes the gizmo fly over water. However, the Multifunctional RC Hovercrafts Radio Remote Controlled R/C Air Powered Boat is not the fastest machines traversing the land. So, if you want your child to own a hovercraft, then this might not be the ideal device for your kid. It has a solid built while we have been impressed by its military design that boasts an army soldier and a couple of bright lights. It offers a 40-meter operational range so you can take it to a nearby lake and it could travel some distance.

It does not include an airbag to lift it off the ground. But if you are in search of a hovercraft that does well on water, it seems to offer plenty of entertainment.


    • Boasts a fabulous military design
    • Great for racing on the water
    • Sports a couple of bright light upfront
    • Exceptional 40-meter control range



  • Not great on land
  • Not as unique as the other two on the list

Things to consider when buying RC hovercrafts

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying your RC hovercrafts:

Looks can be deceptive

Never think of purchasing RC hovercrafts simply because it looks cool. If you want to get a hovercraft as a gift, you probably want something that looks awesome. But do not buy it just because it looks stunning. It won’t be a good bargain!

Supported surfaces

The surfaces on which a hovercraft can race one are determined by its build and model. It is important that you are aware of the surface on which the hovercraft can race. Whether it is water-resistant, waterproof, or water-tight? Remember that there are hovercrafts that can race on the water while others can’t.


Your kids will definitely boast among their friends that have got their hands on the fastest moving hovercraft to have hit the shelves. You should ensure that you get a hovercraft that takes minimal time to get charged up and offers the longest playtime possible. You do not want your hovercraft to be caught stranded in the middle of a lake with the battery running out of juice.


RC hovercrafts will not be as strong as RC buggies but still, you want it to be formidable enough. You want a device that is durable and long lasting and can sustain crashes. You also want one with a strong motor. Stronger the motor, the faster the hovercraft!


There are low cost hovercrafts available on the market. However, we advise you to opt for a hovercraft that is reasonably priced as well as well-equipped. Your hovercraft should be strong, cool-looking, and should be able to traverse any surface.

Final Verdict

We believe that the SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat and Toy Quest Remote Radio Control RC Hovercrafts are the best ones for you. If you want a conventional one, Toy Quest is great but if you want an innovative hovercraft, then SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat is not a bad bet. It might be a bit expensive but it certainly is worth its price!

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