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Pros and Cons of a Gas Powered Remote Control Cars

Gas and nitro RC cars promise plenty of sensational experience for the lovers and die-hard fans of remote control cars. Boasting speeds in excess of 75mph, these devices will never cease to surprise you. So, the questions where these high-speed freaks can be used, begs to ask. When you purchase one of these super-fast vehicles, go through the user’s manual so that you are able to avoid any potential damage that may occur during the usage of the car. The gas-powered radio-controlled cars have been able to gain massive traction among users.

Nitro gas is used as fuel in these cars as nitro fuel has the ability to shoot these cars at rollicking speeds in excess of 110mph depending on the performance characteristics and build of the car. Nitro gas, which is a combination of nitromethane, methanol and lubricating oil, bolsters the power and speed of nitro and petrol RC cars in contrast to electric cars.

These fuels are generally used by drivers who like to race their cars. If you are looking to purchase gas powered remote control cars for racing, then you should search out for the models that have been designed specifically for racing purposes. The gas-powered RC cars can be a bit tough to use but when it comes to racing, they are your best bet.


Size Matters

When it comes to the size, it does matter for a serious RC car aficionado. The larger sized cars are real replicas of real-world cars in terms of their sound, drive, look, design, components and plenty of other aspects. You cannot drive them whenever and wherever you desire since the people in your surroundings tend to get annoyed more often than not with their smell and noise.

In case the air filter gets dusty and choked up with grime, the requisite amount of air will not go into the engine; thereby leading to start-up issues. So, it is important that you clean your air filter regularly. Moreover, you should get it replaced from a specialist.

Toy Remote Control Cars

Toy-grade remote control cars can be a lot of fun for younger kids. They are easy to maneuver and boast speeds up and around the 15mph mark which is pretty decent for children. On the contrary, petrol RC cars can attain speeds in excess of 75mph. So, if you are a RC junkie who is serious about racing, then you would definitely want to get your hands on an RC car that is quick and able to win you every race that you participate in.

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Final Verdict

Advanced braking systems, treated tires, actual shocks and many other aspects are as real to petrol RC cars as you can imagine. You can also decide on the fuel system to use in your RC car. There are lots of options available in this regard as well.

The additional amount of money that you spend will not go to waste, believe me! You will not have to get the additional batteries and recharge the existing ones every now and then for a short run time. You simply have to top up the fuel tank and zip through the streets in your neighborhood or in your local park.

Moreover, petrol remote control cars have superior power associated with them. While nitro and gas-powered RC cars may be costly, but they tend to be durable and require far fewer engine tune-ups in contrast to their counterparts of the remote control cars.

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