5 Best DJI Phantom Accessories Worth Having

In this article, there’s plenty in store for your guys out there. We are about to unleash upon you the 5 best DJI Phantom accessories that you should be craving to get your hands on this year. Keep a lookout for the one placed at the third spot. 

We all know that the DJI Phantom is a beast that packs a wallop and includes legendary capabilities and unfathomable power. Considered as a stand-alone device, this machine has a class of its own. Having said that, you could always invent some sort of innovation and add vigor and color to your already sensational device. The best DJI Phantom accessories that we are going to take a look into have the potential of transforming your device into an incredible flying beast.

Here come the 5 best DJI Phantom accessories that should be an integral part of your flying gear in order to ensure that you go through a flight experience that is next to none.

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5 – Backpack Bag

Are you always afraid of your drone getting a few cracks during transit as you make your way from home with your drone stuffed in a bag to the flying zone? This backpack bag is an ideal choice and contains separate compartments for the following items:

  • DJI Phantom 1
  • DJI Phantom 2
  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision
  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision+
  • DJI Phantom DC40

Remember that this backpack bag is water resistant which implies that if you have to run around in the rain, water will not get into the bag; hence saving your DJI Phantom from getting wet or wearing down. This accessory has been manufactured by Koozam and is very light in weight. It is reliable, long lasting and boasts a hardened outer covering that gives your beloved machine extra protection.


4 – Carbon Fibre 9443 Propeller

These propellers have been engineered specifically for the DJI Phantom 2 and are extremely light in weight, flexible, reliable, durable and very formidable. They tremendously improve the Phantom’s flying prowess and are checked for balance at the company’s manufacturing facility to ensure that you just have to get them out of your original packaging and off you go with your flying.

In addition to an enhanced overall performance of the drone due to these ligthweight propellers, flight duration is also improved incredibly which is really an added benefit.

The propeller blades boast a length of about 9.4 inches which means that it is not possible to attach propeller guards without having them to touch the blades. So, we suggest you not to go for these propellers if you are interested in placing propeller guards. However, if you think that you will be better off with the propeller guards, then you will certainly enjoy an enhanced flight experience one that will be memorable with these propellers.

3 – Quadcopter LED Blue Light Kit Strip

As we search for the best DJI Phantom accessories, we land upon one that will set the sky ablaze with its prolific quadcopter LED blue light kit strip. You can easily attach the LED blue light kit strip to your machine and make your nighttime adventures all the more fun with the shimmering blue light.

These LED lights have been designed keeping in mind the DJI Phantom 1 and consist of 80 lights that can be connected directly to the battery.

However, they are powered by a 12V DC power source which means that the battery will have to cater one more power recipients which significantly reduces the flight duration.

You obviously would want to connect the LED blue light kit strip during the night only while detaching them during the day so that your battery is able to give longer flight duration.

With the help of the adhesive tape that is placed on the backside of the lights, you can easily attach the strip wherever required. Just attach the light strip along the perimeter of the drone and attach the power source to the battery and you will get your beautiful blue colored LED lights shimmering in the night.

2 – Hobbypower Tall Landing Gear

The stock landing paraphernalia that comes bundled in the original DJI Phantom packaging, might not be able to provide you the performance that you are looking for. Let’s introduce you to another one of the DJI Phantom accessories that will strip the fear of hitting the ground while landing due to your miscalculations.

The tall landing gear helps you get rid of this apprehension and is available at such a reasonable price that it will be a folly not to buy it.

All the models of the DJI Phantom series can utilize the landing paraphernalia developed by Hobbypower. Here are some of the advantages that you are likely to get with this prolific gizmo:

  • Sufficient clearance for gimbals of larger size
  • The curved design lets you land safely ensuring additional protection
  • Work perfectly well with all the DJI Phantom versions

The gear is about 8mm which means that the total width is around 23mm. This ensures that the landing is as easy as possible and in case of any risks for skidding or tipping on a harder surface, extra protection is provided. The height difference of about 40mm means that the landing can be carried out a lot faster.

As compared to the stock landing gear, a difference of 11g exists in weight which implies that the flight steadiness and duration does not get affected with this gear.

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1 – DJI Phantom Prop Guards

If you are pilot like me, you must have come across a number of instances where you ended up smashing your propellers against a sturdy wall or ramming your drone into a bystander. Another one of our exquisite DJI Phantom accessories, this one is a set of four propeller guards.

The propeller guards, we all know, give you an additional layer of security by providing a plastic barrier between propellers and their point of contact. The guards are colored white and are very light in weight which means that your flight stability won’t be hampered at all.

The propeller guards come with the following specifications:

  • 18.7g in weight
  • 112.32mm in radius

These guards have been developed by DJI themselves which implies that you won’t have to go through lengthy customizations in order to get them fitted. You will just have to screw the guards over propellers and that’s pretty much it.

The propeller guards add a degree of protection to your drone and are highly recommended for those who are just stepping into the world of drones. More often than not, novice dronies tend to find it difficult to take off their device as they end up tipping it in one direction which results in propellers getting damaged.

Propeller guards provide protection to the propellers in such situations and ensure that collisions with the ground or virtually any other obstacle does not result in large scale damage.

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