5 Top of the Line Power Distribution Boards

In this post, we bring to you the 5 top of the line power distribution boards. I know that most of the dronies have moved away from using external power distribution boards because of the arrival of flight controllers integrated with power distribution boards such as the BetaFlight 3. However, there are a number of pilots around who do not want their power management on a separate board. If you are one of them and looking for a power distribution board, this post is for you.


Matek FCHUB-12S PDB BEC 5V & 12V With Current Sensor 280A For FPV Racing Drone
Matek FCHUB-12S PDB BEC 5V & 12V With Current Sensor 280A For FPV Racing Drone
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REALACC Matek Mini Power Distribution Boards

This is our top ranked power distribution board since it is equipped with all the necessary features that ought to be part of any PDB’s repertoire. It lets a user choose between the voltage for the video transmitter and camera. This provides absolute control over power management features in the quadcopter.

It offer two outputs of 5V and 12V and both a fully functional. In addition, because of the large size of solder pads, soldering on this device becomes quite easy. The combination of a beeper and voltage meter is the standout feature that keeps you from adding an additional one on the quadcopter, thereby reducing almost 8g from the overall weight. On the whole, this Power Distribution Board is a fantastic option and I highly recommend it to you.

Quadcopter Power Distribution Board XT60 20a

This is yet another formidable power distribution board that come with bullet connectors of 3.5mm and presents a nice option for those who do not like to solder. With regard to thickness, it has the greatest in contrast to all the others included in our list. The greater thickness is because of the foam added at the bottom to reduce vibrations and ensuring a smooth flight experience. If you are not a professional drone racer, this is an option that you should gladly take for a stable flight experience. The additional pins are an advantage too since they let you add extra stuff or even connect to a secondary PDB. The instructions that come with the packaging are quite clear and if you are a beginner who is not too much into soldering, this is the perfect one for you.

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Matek Systems Power Distribution Board

This is currently my favorite power distribution boards to have hit the shelves. The PDB is compatible with a wide range of flight controllers and a number of accessories can also be attached. The extra solder pads lets you add things such as voltage alarm or ESCs with seamless ease and allow for easy soldering owing to their large size.

The 12V and 5V outputs are handy when feeding power into the flight controller. In addition to working seamlessly, it is easy to assemble while the included instructions are easy to comprehend even for the newbies. It is quite thick which makes it hard to break and quite durable and reliable. On the whole, this is a nice PDB and is poised at the third spot in our list.

YKS CC3D Flight Controller Mini Power Distribution Board

This is another of my favorite power distribution boards. It comes with a 5V and 12V output and boasts a layout that is similar to the V1 PDB. The BECs are integrated into the PCB using surface mount technology which makes it a reliable proposition. The 5V output can be used to feed power to the flight controller or receiver. You can also use the 12V output to feed power to lighting or FPV camera. The board is 36mm in thickness which implies that it can placed onto the CC3D, Naze or any other flight controller. All in all, this is yet another efficient PDB that will have you yearn for more.

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Lumenier 4Power Quick Swap Power Distribution Board

It comes with solder-less arms connections which render it an excellent choice if you are not so much into soldering stuff and simply want to get on with things by attaching power distribution boards directly to the quadcopter. It comes loaded with bullet connectors since they let you connect the PDB to the drone without having to rip it apart. I have been using it for a few months and have no complaints about it. Totally recommended!


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