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A Drone Pilot to have New Business Opportunities

Beyond visual line of sight drone procedures (BVLOS) has got good news for businessmen around the world. Nowadays, a drone pilot is optimistic about the new business opportunities that BVLOS will provide for their respective drone programs. In June, Aloft conducted a survey, that asked the users about the future regulatory changes for the drone industry. 

BVLOS is a term for drone operations at a distance beyond the visible range of a drone pilot. Their drone operations provide numerous advantages over usual line-of-sight drone flying.

Is BVLOS important for a Drone Pilot?

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So how would an expert interpret things when his/her flight goes beyond the line of slight? Below, we mention some of the considerable drone use cases:

  1. Mapping or surveying (24%)
  2. Inspections (22%)
  3. Identification and Rescue/ Law Enforcement Objectives (21%)
  4. Photography, Animations, Video Edits, or Real Estate Process (19%)
  5. Required missions or deliveries (such as medical support) (9%)


The best thing for a drone pilot regarding BVLOS operations is that it is not associated with just one company. Whether you use drones for photography or inspections, it looks like legalizing BVLOS drone operations is a massive achievement for pilots around the world.


“There are many use cases which are currently not possible for drones but with BVLOS regulatory changes could enable opportunity for a drone pilot to use their drones in new and innovative ways,” statistic from Aloft

16% of those survey responses claimed that they won’t perform BVLOS operations. It does not impact their ongoing operations. You may argue that their businesses are successful irrespective of the operations where drones fly overnight.

Risks of BVLOS

“The response from this study is clear. A drone pilot is prioritizing regulators to continue evolving the industry’s infrastructure. This evolvement will support innovation and expand the possibilities for drone use cases going forward.” a statement from Aloft

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40% of the Aloft survey responses claim that the BVLOS operations are safer than other choices that present more risks for employees. The reason is that BVLOS operations contain features that are dangerous for a human being. The features include conduction of long oil pipelines, delivering medical support to remote areas, or finding a way from behind a building that is dangerous to climb.


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