new FAA podcast

A new FAA podcast is now on the scene

Do you want to have a complete insight about the drones and its usage? Well, it looks like we have a new FAA podcast for that matters. Most importantly, there are lot of things at stake for you to be optimistic about. First of all, there is the Part 107 licensing which gets you to know about the regulations regarding the drones and its flying. If you are flying drones in the United States, what better platform for the podcasts than the Federal Aviation Administration website.

What to expect from the new FAA podcast?

FAA podcast

Recently, the FAA podcast was entirely associated with the innovative drones coming into the drone market as it covered a ton of common drone questions. The podcast goes by the name of ‘Air Up There’ and it is relatively new to the scene.

Even though it got launched in 2020, it has got a massive recognition among the drone enthusiasts as per the content it is providing. Most episodes of this FAA podcast are not associated with drones, however, we will still recommend it to you as one of the finest up and coming drone podcasts in the industry. Make sure to look into those podcasts by clicking on the drone podcast video link provided by the FAA.

You will definitely expand your knowledge by going through these podcasts. Most recently, the episode of the podcast was 20 minutes as it provided the first-person perspective from the podcast host. Even the biggest photography enthusiasts are now inclined to the drones as they can’t wait to get one soon.

Final Thoughts

All other experts, such as photographers, are now in direct contact with the FAA drone experts to get to know about the FAA drone certificates and ways of becoming a certified drone pilot. They feel that the FAA podcast has a massive influence in their motivation. The podcast also looks to cover all the new rules and regulations imposed by the FAA and the rules of flying drones at night.

You can go to the Apple Podcasts if you want to listen to these podcasts right now.


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