Learn Fundamentals About Drone Flying

This guide will enable you all the basic and fundamental facts related to drone flying. This instructional tutorial will also be relevant to operating any other multirotor machine. Do take a look at our other lessons on this website once you go through this short article.

The Controls

You can view all the controls associated to drone flying. You can learn how each one of these controls work by going through the below mentioned lines:

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  • Roll makes the quadcopter go rightward and leftward as it increases the rotor speed on one side and decreasing it on the other
  • Pitch enables the quadcopter to move forward or backward on the same principle as the roll
  • Yaw makes the quadcopter rotate by increasing the speed of all the rotors by triggering the rotation of rotors in one direction and decreasing the speed of other rotors spinning in the opposing direction
  • Throttle manages the up and down axis by changing the speed of rotors

These controls may be referred by other names. For example, roll is called as aileron, pitch is known as elevator and yaw as rudder.


A quadcopter generally has three stabilization modes:

1 – Rate which is also referred as manual, hard or Acro

2 – Attitude (please do not confuse it with Altitude) which is also called as self-level or Auto-level

3 – GPS-hold which is also called as Loiter

Before You Fly

When learning how to fly a quadcopter, follow the below mentioned precautions to have a rewarding flying experience that is safe as well:

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  • Go to a safe flying zone such as a park or an open grassy field
  • Fly your drone in the morning so that you do not have to face windy and gusty conditions
  • Don’t be phased by any of the distractions in the surroundings and concentrate on your drone flying
  • Stay clear of humans as well as animals to avoid any potential injuries
  • Learn slowly and don’t push too hard


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