Best Mini Quadcopter – The 5 Best Cheap Micro Quadcopters

Selecting a mini quadcopter can always be a tricky business! The internet is proliferated with useful information and insight regarding micro quadcopters. We want to collate all this information to one spot for your convenience. Everyone wants a mini quadcopter that is in accordance with one’s requirements, wishes and desires and one that is able to withstand no less than two crashes of quite a severe nature.

We are aiming to review the top of the line mini quadcopters that are available in the market for under $100. We understand that there are a number of enthralling options but we want to introduce you to some of the leading micro quadcopters for this year. Hence, we have managed to compile this fantastic list. If you would want to share your own recommendations, we would be more than glad to know from you in the comments section below.

5 – Heli Max 1SQ – Ready to Fly

For this year, the Heli Max 1SQ is a great choice that is a brilliant long-term investment, reliable, able to withstand gusty winds and comes in the ready to takeoff configuration. We believe it to be a pretty good quality micro quadcopter. However, because of its price being on the higher end of the scale and the fact that it has only a three axis gyroscope to ensure stability during flights, we have placed it at the fifth spot in our list. Keep in mind that whenever you go for a ready to takeoff variant, it generally tends to be a bit on the expensive side as opposed to the Bind and Fly version.

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4 – Blade Nano QX – Ready to Fly

This is a lovely mini quadcopter that have received plaudits by dronies all over Amazon. The small size Blade Nano QX is slightly bulkier than half an ounce. It is small enough so you can fly it indoors even in your bedroom. What really makes this device cool for beginners is that it comes loaded with rotor guards. This is an essential protective covering that ensures that the drone does not get damaged in case of crashes while pilots are honing their flying skills. It is very user-friendly, available at a very affordable price and includes blade guards.

3 – ESTES 4606 Proto X Nano – Ready to Fly

This is the smallest micro quadcopter to have hit the shelves so far. This is the primary reason, it has been able to secure the third spot in our coveted list. Considering the price, it is a pretty decent choice, one that is reliable and is quite easy to manage for the beginners. The main problem with ESTES 4606 Proto X Nano is that its radio controller is so small in size that it becomes extremely difficult to grasp it if you have big hands. However, if you are looking for a mini quadcopter that comes with numerous attractive features, then this one is probably not the one for you. Having said that, if you are looking to buy something that you can fly around in your small dormitory room, then this is the best choice. 

2 – Walkera Ladybird – Ready to Fly

The Walkera QR Ladybird Mini Quadcopter has size so small that it can easily fit in the palms of your hands. It has a unique shape that makes it look like a ladybug. It has a very competitive price and this precisely where it leaves its competitors far behind. It comes integrated with a six axis gyroscope mechanism that ensures that the flight remains steady and stable. It is very easy to manoeuvre even for the rookies and travels at an amazingly fast speed. It has a very smooth flight and pilots can perform a number of mind-boggling stunts in the air. Here is its detailed review!

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1 – Hubsan X4 H107L – Ready to Fly

The Hubsan X4 H107L comes with a bulletproof body and is our personal favorite. It is a micro quadcopter that has been able to create ripples among the consumers and drone enthusiasts because of its low price and exquisite features. It is a great drone for you if you are beginner. It can withstand crashes of the most severe nature and still goes on and on. We recommend this mini drone for novices as well professionals since it is very easy to manoeuvre and provides an exceptional flying experience. It can be flown indoors as well outdoors.

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Why Mini Quadcopters

As you make headway through your hobby, so does the technology over the years! If you want to perform aerial photography and videos with a quadcopter, then we suggest you to go for the bigger drones. The large sized drones have become a lot more easier to fly with the improvements in technology. We have come up with a list of three camera drones while keeping in mind different price brackets so you can decide which one would be more suited to your aerial videography pursuits.

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We hope that we were able to present you a good overview of the best micro drones out there in the market. Whatever device you go for, we hope that it is in accordance with your needs. If you want to share with us your experiences, recommendations, suggestions and tips on the best mini quadcopters in the market or the ideal camera drones, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section below!

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