Micro Quadcopter Review

We all have been listening ever since we grew up people saying that if you pay more, you get more and if you pay less, you get less. Almost invariably, it turns out to be true without any doubt. However, in case of low cost micro quadcopters and hexacopters, the case can be slightly different. You can have pretty much the same quantity of fun (if not more) with the low cost mini quadcopters as compared to their high-end more expensive competitors.

Firstly, the micro quadcopters that you buy for cheap prices will leave you care-free. You won’t have to worry about your mini quadcopter getting damaged in case of crashes or accidents while trying out new maneuvers or even learning to fly drones. As a matter of fact, for professional pilots, flying a $3,000 drone cannot be described anything closer to fun. Flying the high-end expensive drones can certainly be enthralling. But if you are not super rich as Bill Gates, flying such expensive devices cannot be a relaxing or satisfying experience.

Nowadays, people can purchase nano-drones for prices as low as $15 and still can enjoy a decent flying experience in comparison to high-end devices. Most of the devices falling in this category of aircrafts are nano-drones or micro quadcopters. This means that they are of the size of about 250mm while others can also be a lot more smaller.

Some of the mini quadcopters can only be flown indoors. This is a great feature which means that you can take break from your hectic schedules and enjoy a jolly good flying experience in your own room. Other drones which are slightly larger in size can be flown outdoors and can manage little to moderate wind. The micro quadcopters that fall in this price bracket offer longer flight timings, batteries which need not be detached, and are predominantly mini quadcopters. So, if you end up investing some money in these machines, it won’t be a bad deal, folks! Come on! We all know how madly you are in love with these devices and you want to buy them.

We bring to you small reviews on numerous multirotors. If you are not interested in any of the machines mentioned below, you can still perform the search on our website to find huge collection of drones, quadcopters and much more.

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Holy Stone are renowned all over the United States of America for rebranding themselves on a regular basis. They have got themselves into a habit of opting for the marketable products and introducing them in the local market. The HS170 Predator may have a name that could make the hair on some FBI officials stand in anticipation of some threat. But once you look at the machine, the micro quadcopter is a fabulous device.

This is, perhaps, one of the few devices falling in this price bracket, that possess the ability to be flown in windy weather conditions. It is another matter that we all fly our nano quadcopters outdoors. However, the manufacturers do not actually condone such a move on the part of the consumers. As a matter of fact, considering its size, HS170 might turn out to be a bit larger in size for your liking to be flown indoors. So, better keep this thing in mind when looking to purchase it.

The rotor-guards dedicated to protecting the rotors from any sort of damage are pretty decent to look at. With LED lighting and color-coded rotors, figuring out the orientation of the mini quadcopter should not be a problem. Just to make things a bit more secure, the headless flight mode is also included. This is a handy feature for novices and is very helpful in situations when the drone is so far away that you can’t figure out which way it is heading.

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A very good feature that this mini quadcopter offers if the detachable battery. This is really a cool feature since it allows you to enjoy as much of the flying experience as you want by purchasing additional batteries. We recommend you to let the motors cool down a bit during consecutive flights. The company claims that the flight timing that one can get is from 6 to 8 minutes. The batteries can be charged completely in about 40 minutes if you use the USB charger. You can also opt for a battery with greater mAh capacity by investing some more money. But that’s totally up to you!

The dronies who have had experience with this micro drone are of the opinion that the machine is crash resistant, durable and reliable. There’s a cause for concern when it comes to the headless flight mode and the Return to Base functions. These features come with a few issues. Hece, if you are intending to buy this mini drone solely based on these features, then we highly recommend you not to purchase it at all.

As far as outdoors are concerned, this is probably the most affordable drones available in the market and we believe it is quite a nifty device to be honest.

The Hubsan X4 H107C Micro Quadcopter

Say hello to the king of micro quadcopters, y’all! The prolific Hubsan X4 is the leader of the pack that has an introduction of its own. It has been included in numerous lists highlighting the top drones and is perhaps the best one out there to learn flying.

It doesn’t mean that it is perfect in every sense of the word. It has its flaws! However, overall it is a formidable machine that is very user friendly for the rookies but as your flying skills get polished, you can begin to innovate with this awesome device.

Above par power level is something that makes this drone popular among drone enthusiasts. The teeny, tiny motors provide amazing thrust and speed. This version comes with a camera which requires a SD memory card to be inserted into the device.

You can view the results of the images and videos captured by a 0.3 megapixel camera. Considering the low price, this really is an added feature. The camera enables the pilots to record the video footage of their flights and while the batteries get charged for the next excursion, to have some fun viewing the recorded videos.

YouTube video

The design of the X4 mini quadcopter is very famous among the dronies. The transmitter is also a good one and is quite small in size. The X4 is slightly highly priced but considering the features it offers, the price should not be a big deal!

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The Syma X11C Mini Drone

Did you think that the Hubsan X4 never really had a challenger? Well, here it is! The Syma X11C throws the gauntlet to Hubsan X4107C. It  might be on the expensive side as compared to the X4 but it boasts a 2 megapixel camera as opposed to the 0.3 MP one of X4’s. The battery can be removed easily while it comes with rotor guards and a 4GB SD card. It includes all the features that are present in X4. In fact, it does better than some of the features in X4.

Overall, there is not much between the two aircrafts to choose from. But on paper, X11C is the clear winner. Drone enthusiasts have varying views about the two drones. But until you purchase both of them and fly them together neck and neck, you won’t be able to distinguish them from each other.

Having said that, X4 has been tested by millions out there. You should go for the X11C and let me buy the X4!


Cheerwing CHEER X2 Pocket Drone

Goodness Gracious Me! Have you had a look at the gorgeous Cheerwing Cheer X3 Pocket drone? Really it appears as if it were a flying cartoon frog from a fantasy land.

Nevertheless, X2 is a great innovation and adds plenty of charisma to the idea of a pocket drone. I’ve been luck enough to have the possession of numerous nano-drones. With a number of micro quadcopters in your armory, you tend to believe that you can go anywhere by stuffing them all in your backpack. However, soon you get a grasp of the reality that actually there is no place for your uncovered drone in your backpack. As a matter of fact, a naked drone, placed in a backpack without any outer covering could result in catastrophic damage.

So, we really believe that to be able to place your device inside the radio controller that it comes with is very exciting. When you want, you can put the entire assembly in your pocket or your bag and get it out whenever you want.

There are a couple of issues with this device though! I cannot understand the fact that why Cheerwing failed to develop this micro drone in a way that it could get charged up when being placed inside the transmitter. Cheerwing, we feel, certainly have lost out on a great opportunity to make a name for itself with the introduction of this feature which would have been amazing.

You have to carry with yourself USB power bank if you want your drone to give you a flight timing of five to eight minutes. The battery is just 80 mAh so had there been a feature to charge the drone with AAA batteries inserted in the transmitter, it would have been a compelling innovation. Had those AAA batteries been rechargeable ones, it would have transformed your mini quadcopter into a device that could be charged at home and then produce a number of outdoor flights.

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The engineers have been able to display their magic by giving detachable sticks on the transmitter. This makes the portability aspect really great. The machine is a good one and costs just around $20. I would suggest you to get your hands on a USB power bank so that your device stays charged on the go.

The six-axis gyro lets the pilot throw-launch the device. If you like, you can have the drone rolling continuously. The headless flight mode is also included which is certainly a brilliant feature considering the price range and the size of the device.

This device is an exceptional one for the novices and can help them practice their art of flying. I’m in love with this cute little beast and certainly adore it simply because of its innovation.


Coocheer JJRC H18 Hexacopter

I believe that nano quadcopters have a charm of their own. But when it comes to nano hexacopters, there is absolutely no competition whatsoever. They are not to be found too easily in the market. So, if you are able to get hold of one, your friends won’t die wondering!

They are very attractive as far as the outlook is concerned. Moreover, they offer greater speeds and are much more stable in flight as compared to quadcopters. With an appearance of a ninja fighter, the JJRC H18 hexacopter has been manufactured by Coocheer and is a pretty nifty product. It includes auxiliary rotors, a USB charger and a radio controller that looks quite similar to the Sony Playstation 2 game controller.

It certainly is larger in size than a nano quad but is small enough to be easily placed in the palm of your hand. The hexacopters require more battery power and this is the precise reason for the sturdier 180 mAh battery. The battery, however, cannot be detached which requires about 40 minutes to get charged up completely and offers a flight time of 5 to 6 minutes.

The control range is not that great with 66 feet. But you do not need to worry about the control range of a micro quadcopter since you should be able to watch the little device during its flight.

The machine probably does not come with the headless mode. The front rotors are color coded but I’ve had issues configuring the orientation of the drone because of its symmetrically circular shape.

Having said all this, it is very difficult to compete with a hexacopter that falls in the nano drone category and is available at a very affordable price. Pilots do not generally have a large number of options when it comes to nano-sized hexacopters. H18 is a very nice machine and no issues have been reported by its users so far. Your friends would certainly be jealous of you if you bought this one!

E-Hi S333 Nano Hexacopter Drone

This is the only other nano-sized hexacopter that we were able to dig out with an affordable price. On comparing it with the H18, S333 is the winner hands down. It has a distinguishable nose but with same colored rotors, it breaks my heart! If you happened to purchase one of these devices, we would recommend you to modify the two front rotors so that you are able to figure out the orientation of the machine during flight.

If we take the above fact out of the equation, there is no competition between S333 and H18. It is also quite surprising that the manufacturers claim the charge timing to be about 15 minutes. This is roughly around two times faster than any other electronic gadget around us. This shows that the battery is certainly a good one. The developers proclaim that the machine offers a flight timing of massive 408 minutes and a control range of 100 feet. S333 is the winner in the race for the best hexacopter.


Top Race TR-MQ4 Micro Stunt Fighter

The TR-MQ4 has not been included in this list just because of its features. It is an amazing gizmo to be honest. Most of the dronies out there do not have access to the space required by remote controlled planes. So, the manufacturers have come up with a cool idea. Well, it’s more of a gimmick actually. By sticking a small shell over a micro quadcopter, they have given it the appearance of a F22 fighter jet. There are a number of variants available and one can find numerous color schemes for all the versions out there.

The TR-MQ4 is a pretty handy drone as well but we are in love with its jet fighter outlook. You can perform number of aerial maneuvers like flips and rolls with this machine. One of the great advantages of this machine is that one can easily determine the orientation of the device. A clear nose and a tail help you out in this regard.

The device offers a flight duration of about six to seven minutes while the battery gets charged in just 9 minutes. The control range is about 75 feet. The machine comes with radio controllers common for nano drones such as the one found with CX-10 and Revell drones.

It is low cost, innovative and will challenge the remote controlled plane folks when you make it hover! It certainly gets my backing!


The Syma X9 Quadcopter Car

The one great advantage that you get when toying with low cost drones is that you can try out a lot of weird things. What the heck, they only cost about $50! This device is eccentric and is available for only $50. But for that, you’ve got to be shrewd enough to opt for the perfect deal. Why do you think this one is an odd machine? The reason is that it is also a remote controlled car. This presents a great chance for you to realize all your future flying car dreams.

It looks amazing as a remote controlled car. The all-black variant is especially eye-catching! Users say that it drives and flies pretty good. Even if it wasn’t that good at flying, I would have still wanted it to be part of my collection.

The flight duration is about eight minutes. Though we are not sure how long does the battery last while flying and driving separately. Fortunately, the original packaging comes with two batteries. So, you can get 16 minutes of driving and/or flying experience with this original packaging.

When driven like a car, it offer a couple of speed modes. When flown like a drone, it boasts to control rate modes. It also offers a flip function which is quite cool. But when one thinks that it is flying car, this is where fear starts to creep in!

DBPOWER Hawkeye-I Transformable RC Drone/Car

Ever thought of sticking wheels to micro quadcopters? DBPOWER comes with this novel device that is a sort of transformer! On the outside the Hawkeye-1 is nothing but a commonplace mini quadcopter. But it comes with a set of four wheels that can attached to make it roll around like a remote controlled car or a set of two wheels that lets it scale walls and ceilings. The rotor guards can also be removed when desired.

This certainly provides plenty of options for the drone enthusiasts to explore and enjoy. The machine also includes a 2GB SD memory card, a 720p camera and offers a control range of about 100 feet.

The transformational characteristics are pretty enticing for the consumers. The good thing about them, however, is that once they start boring you out, you can remove them and fly your beloved drone. I’m really impressed by this holistic thinking by the manufacturers who have placed the fun part ahead of anything else.

Let’s have a look at the practical aspect of this device. By attaching any of the two sets of wheels, you can convert your drone into a crash-resistant machine. With the addition of the extra payload, flight duration is reduced. But the rotors remain safe especially when you connect the larger wheels since there is no chance for the rotors to come into contact with anything. That’s plenty of security, we presume!

If you are interested in this transformer quadcopter, why don’t you go for it?

UDI RC U839 Nano Quadcopter Review

UDI have come up with this interesting mini quadcopter. The device includes two battery packs: one goes into the drone while the other one is inserted into the transmitter. Hence, if your batteries in the drone get out of juice, the spare batteries in the radio controller will takeover and your device will continue flying. Isn’t it fabulous? There could be hours long discussions on whether there should be two batteries for the drone and the transmitter should run on AAA batteries.

As far as the outlook is concerned, I love the orange and black color scheme of this device. The blue little LED eyes add charisma to the device. The green and pink models are good too but the orange one has been able to make a place in my heart.

The machine includes a guard to protect rotors in case of damage from crashes which is a great option to have if you have stepped into the world of drones recently.

As one would expect from UDI, U839 offers features that go beyond its price range. It can perform omnidirectional rolls and offers a flight timing of five to seven minutes. It boasts a control range of 100 feet.

If you’ve not been impressed with the Hubsan X4 or the Syma X11, then may be U839 is the one that has been destined for you. I am not sure which one of these is my most favorite, but at such a low price, you can buy each one of them and decide for yourself which would be your preferred choice.

Estes 4606 Proto X Review

Produced by Revell, this nano drone is the one, that is included in my armory. It is a brilliant device and boasts an eye-catching look. It appears just like a tiny flying Lamborghini! The LED lights further put icing on the cake! Despite being developed by a brand that is new to the world of drones, it certainly boasts features that qualify it to stand head to head with Hubsan X4. You can fly this piece of technology even in windy conditions outdoors.

The Proto X offers a flight timing of six minutes while the battery takes about 40 minutes to get charged up completely. The Lithium Polymer battery is not detachable. So, one has to wait during consecutive flights. The device is very durable, reliable and responsive.

I am quite satisfied with my Proto X but would love to replace it with the mighty Hubsan X4 or even a U839 whenever I can.

Fly the Friendly Skies

These are all the strange looking, eccentric, durable, reliable and responsive micro quadcopters that fall in under $100 category. I had to do a lot of digging on the internet to compile this list. All these machines appear to have some amazing features and guarantee plenty of fun. I would love to buy one of all the above beasts and considering their prices, this is a great possibility.

The good thing about these mini drones is the little risk that is involved when one purchases and then subsequently flies them. With these amazing devices in your closet, you probably will never have to worry about crashes and losing out your investment. I mean why would you even worry about losing out on $15 for the Cheerson CX-10.

Get rid of all your anxieties and purchase the devices that you like the most. These are well suited to novices as well as pros who are looking to carry out some practice flying sessions. When you are done with flying with your micro quadcopter to the extent that its parts start wearing out, then you will realize the significance of the great help. Great help in the sense that I am the one who is suggesting you this viable path of buying cheap, low cost machines instead of the expensive $1,000 beasts.

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