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Popular Mini, Micro and Nano Quadcopter Drone



Have you been looking to get your hands on a drone or a quadcopter drone for beginners? Do you want a drone that is extremely user-friendly, easy to learn and fly, boasts a body that is long-lasting, priced realistically and is safe for indoor flights? Then, we bring to you the 10 most popular mini and nano quadcopter drones that could get you out of your troubles and introduce you to the drone that has been designed taking into account your requirements. Nano drones are very small size, small enough to be grasped by you in the palm of your hands! Mini drones on the other hand, are just about the size of your hand.

Their small size, however, does not mean that you won’t get to enjoy their indoors and outdoors flights. As a matter of facts, they render a rewarding flying experience for both the rookies as well as the pros alike. Since such drones come with small-sized controllers and are inherently smaller in size themselves as well, they do not pose any difficulty when it comes to carrying them from one place to another. Moreover, they are built with technology that ensure reduced number of accidents and crashes and in case of crashes, lesser demolition.

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This article features:
– Detailed description about Popular Mini, Micro and Nano Quadcopter Drones
– Why Micro Drones are good for Beginners
– Options to choose 10 Popular Mini, Micro and Nano Quadcopter Drones

Looking for the best beginner drone? That’s affordable, easy to learn, durable and safe to fly indoors

It should be kept in mind that small-sized drones offer almost the same range of features across the board regardless of their manufacturers. By virtue of the USB based connector, these drones get charged within an hour. Moreover, these drones boast a battery life span of around 6 to 8 minutes and almost a similar sort of range mainly owing to the transmitters operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency bands. A 4-channel controller lets the dronie move these devices rightward, leftward, backward and forward.

The quadcopters height can be increased or decreased while the pilot can also rotate it in any preferred direction. These awesome machines also sport inbuilt gyroscopes that ensure a stable flight experience and also provide a couple of modes of operation including beginners and expert modes. For those of our readers, who are still in the process of learning to fly drones, propeller guards seem like cool options to reduce the damages due to crashes.
Keep in mind that while mini quadcopters can be made to fly both indoors as well as outdoors; nano-drones, on the other hand, present a tough proposition to be made to fly outdoors even in slightly windy conditions.

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It will be prudent to become expert in making your drone hover, land smoothly and exercise greater control over pitch, flips and rolls on a cheaper drone. Once you think that you are ready to handle a bigger beast, then go for a better device. But do not hurry as it can cause you both financial and materialistic damages.

Choosing the Best Mini Quadcopter

If you are just a rookie who has stepped into the world of flying drones, then the number of options available for mini and nano drones, does make the decision of choosing the Best Mini Quadcopter a bit complicated. Let’s just take all the complexities out and make it a lot easier for you to make a choice (this will save you some time as well). Just go through the list below which has been compiled on the basis of the popular nano and mini drones available in Amazon. We endeavor to keep updating this list regularly as new drones are released in the market.

You can make use of this list as a reference guide to decide which nano or mini quadcopter color or design suits your needs and preferences the most.All of the drones mentioned in the list below are mini or nano devices and hence are available to be purchased for around $50. Some may cost a bit more depending on the specifications they boast, though! These prices ranges should not burden anyone’s pocket and should fall within your budgetary constraints. So, just go ahead and take to leap to get yourself or your loved one any one of these amazing drones. It’s the perfect time to become a dronie who is obsessively involved in the Air Drone Craze!

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Here’s a handy tip: There’s going to be 100% likelihood that your drones are going to go through some accidents and crashes. So, we would recommend you to get an additional pair of propellers and even an extra set of batteries to avoid damages due to crashes and increase your flying time as normally batteries provide support for not more than 6 to 8 minutes. Most of the devices for sale, do come in with extra spare parts that can be purchased separately. Besides, crash packs are also available to help you recuperate from any big crash encountered by beloved drone.











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