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Record upto 2 hours of Video Footage with this Underwater Drone

This is definitely not the very first submersible drone ever. The Biki, however, is definitely the very first drone that mimics the outlook and swimming gestures of an actual fish. This feature renders this drone more attractive and alluring than any other underwater drone to have hit the shelves before.

The drone does not use propellers rather its tail swings left and right to send it into the depths of the ocean. If you happen to see it from behind, you will surely mistake it for a real fish. It offers an optimum speed of 1.12 mph and so it is not the fastest drones around but it is an ideal speed for the lovers of marine life who want to capture each and every moment of the beautiful world underneath the ocean.

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Biki has a 4K Ultra High Definition camera located at its nose with a 150 degrees wide angle lens and is mounted on an anti-shake platform. This configuration ensures that the videos are stable and steady. The 32GB internal storage lets you save all the crucial footages. This underwater drone is also fitted with a WiFi adapter so it is able to broadcast a real time video streaming of the marine life that is captured by its integrated camera. This live video feed will certainly help you out if you see a shark trying to have a go at your drone (you might not be able to do something about it though). It is propelled with the help of the tail so it consumes far less battery in contrast to other submersible drones and so you can record almost two hours of video footage in one go.

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This underwater drone is able to reach depths of 196 feet so you surely can capture some stunning underwater footage with the help of this thing. It also offers dual 11-lumen LED lights that help to brighten up your video footage. It also includes obstacle avoidance, self-balancing characteristics that prevent videos from tilting, integrated GPS that lets you pre-program its autonomous path and a controller app.

A Kickstarter campaign is being run for the drone but a unit can be reserved for pledges starting at $549.

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