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Boy Or Girl?! Using Drones for Gender Disclose

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Gender Reveal with Drones

There are so many functions or different events that we celebrate with our family or loved ones and capture such memories for future considered as great assets but gender reveal parties and functions are new thing. These types of gender reveal events are started in the USA and UK that they are becoming part of everybody’s culture. This is an innovative and creative ways to announce the gender of up coming future bundle of love and affection to friends and relatives.

Origin of the Gender Reveal Events

Have you had any idea what is the actual origin of this gender reveal party? It is very famous and said that over a decade ago a Los Angeles blogger cut into her baby shower cake to reveal pink frosting. At time of cake cutting ceremony, pictures and videos were taken. And of course, When we think about it like cutting into a simple cake or bursting a balloon is not enough for people. There were so many extravagant gender reveal functions were introduced and celebrated at a large scale. For example, lighting up the tallest skyscraper in Dubai. Another event was organized called blowing up coloured explosives in which nearby fifty-thousand acres of Arizona forest were destroyed completely just because of the result of one elaborate reveal.

Drones For Gender Reveal

An unique, innovative, affordable, low-risk and a more creative way to announce the sex of your baby reveal, you can use drone because its a time of smartphones and advanced technology, every week of a pregnancy up to birth is videoed and photographed. So you can get a very unique and ideal angle using drones for sex reveal and you can also impress your family and friends too. By using drone’s unique aerial views you can easily capture images and various videos.

By using drone, firing confetti into the air or releasing baloons to reveal baby sex will look adorable and stunning when shot from above. You can get best advise and different types of angle’s outcome from an experienced drone operator and ensure complete safety for those people involved in such parties. Aerial footage can easily be edited with video taken on the ground to provide you a pleasant and beautiful way to remember the special day forever undoubtedly.

Future of Drone For Sex Reveal Events

If you want to do something unique and stylish and make your special day something very different a creative ways you can use drones for sex reveal of your baby just find out an experienced drone pilot with having necessary equipment and expertise for these elaborate flights.


It is a great thing that drone technology can feature in various events and opening ceremonies specially in gender reveal parties and functions. This is a easier way to use drones and its very effective particularly at night. Just keep the complete thing as a surprise suddenly drone appears to the sky and ake your relatives and friends surprised.

Just imagine the faces of your friends as a blue or pink dust cloud explodes in the air, what the great feelings you experience with them.