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This is Natasha and I am going to share my personal drone experience through this webpage. Feel free to communicate your questions regarding the below discussed topics. “ DJI Phantom 3 standard” type has best fit in the market and it seems to have a reasonable pricing. If you are looking for high performance drone system then purchase DJI Phantom 4 .This drone has more advantages when compared to other drone systems in the market.

September 2016 BEST  DRONES

Rank Drone Model Skill Level Verdict Estimated Price
DJI Phantom 3
Intermediate This Model has a lot of features which includes Long Flight Time and 4K Camera. This holds the top position in the ranking list.This Model comprises of two versions namely Standard and Professional. Type in Search bar to get latest price updates
Hubsan H107D
Beginner This Model is a Beginner kit which has FPV capabilities. Since it is robust in size helps you to move about every nook and corner of the space.
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Yuneec Q500 4K
Intermediate This Model features with 2 batteries and 4K recordings.It is a stable system with lots of facilities Type in Search bar to get latest price updates
Hubsan X4
Beginner This kit helps us to learn the basic flying technique. Mostly suitable for teenagers.
Type in Search bar to get latest price updates
DJI Inspire
Advanced This is a Professional Model which serves with better stability and video recordings. Type in Search bar to get latest price updates


Intermediate (very low budget)

It has outstanding features in characteristics of flight and Go Pro gimbal.This Drone system is similar to Phantom kit.

Type in Search bar to get latest price updates
#7 Parrot Ar. 2.0  Beginner This Model has a overall best performance which uses 2 batteries to fly for 36 minutes. The bank of this kit will not get damage at any situations. Type in Search bar to get latest price updates


There are different types of drones in the market. Are you confused to select from the options displayed. Before arriving to the conclusion just analyze your needs to buy the drone system. Learn the purpose of each drone which has entered in to the market for sale. Later decide the appropriate drone which suits your expectation.We are going to discuss about various drones and their reviews which might serve as a guide to purchase on your own.

There are two levels in the drone system. First level drones were used as a startup .This type will best suit for hobby purpose. It gives you mind blowing experience. Second level drones were used only for professional purposes. This should be handled by trained person for optimum results.For an example I would like to share one of my experiences in using the first level drones. One day I was in need of a book which was with my friend who is living few meters away from my place. I used this drone to get that book.

The task was very simple I activated this drone using the remote by standing near the window which was facing my friend’s place. I made the drone to land carefully in front of my friend’s house .After confirming with my friend through a phone call I got back the drone which carried my book along with it when it reached my place.Are you feeling excited in reading the above story? Do you want to feel that moment?Hurry and get one for your own. But be aware of the laws in your country when it travels on the way to your destination.

Quick Information about Drones

In the current scenario there are different kinds of consumer level drones like RC drone, RC helicopter, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), quadricopter and quadcopter. These drones can be used as a toy or it can assist at the time of disaster for fire fighters, military etc. The drones can be controlled by two ways human control and autonomous control by onboard AI.The basic drones have features like built-in HD cameras, GPS etc within your budget. The budget plays an important role in its efficiency. Higher the price better drone features with quality results. In general the drones which cost between $700- $1000 has given better experience when compared to other models with less pricing.

Hubsan H107D X4 First Person View (FPV) Quadcopter Review

The upgraded version of this type has an FPV facility which helps us to use the drone similar to video game.

Surprisingly, the pricing suits within our budget. This drone can easily sense the obstacles on its way and gives us a fantastic experience at a reasonable rate.

First impressions

You will be astonished in looking this little drone (Hubsan H107D) acquiring latest technology within its robust look. This is an entry level drone which makes us to learn the basic steps to activate the system to fly. Initially try the drone to fly around trees and later experiment inside your house. When you are making the drone to fly inside your house be aware to use the on -board camera for navigation. If you feel comfortable with this system then you are now ready to try for the next bigger versions to enjoy better flying experiences.

The Built in features

.This Drone system was provided with the radio controller which comprises of 6 axis-controls, fully fledged video menu allowing you to configure all aspects of drone, recording options, live video display etc.  This system has its own pros and cons. The advantages when compared to other drones were light weight body and affordable price. Moreover propellers are made of soft plastic which enhances maneuverability and battery life. The replacement for propellers seems to be less expensive. The only drawback of this model is that it does not have the facility of smooth rubber grip in the remote control set which is found in other expensive drone models.

Performance Analysis

The performance of Hubsan is more appreciable. It has stable and controlled flight properties. Make sure of the orientation of the propellers when the drone faces any crush over the obstacles. Hence this model gives a good start up for flying experiences of drone.

What is the battery life of the Hubsan?

It’s better to use large capacity battery of 500mAh. This is enough for 45 minutes of flight with less interruption.

Modes and Forums in Hubsan H107D FPV drone

We can witness many forum threads present online in order to discuss about this product. The members of this forum own the basic model of this kit. Initially purchase the basic drone of this type and you can extend it with different modes options like fish-eye lens, extended battery life, range etc to obtain better flight characteristic.

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Thus Hubsan H107D serves for its purpose at a affordable price providing with FPV options. Hurry to the store and order this kit to enjoy the exciting experience of flying this drone .

I highly recommend the Hubsan H107D FPV drone.

Here are the compatible extras and upgrades that you can get  it.

  1. Hubsan H107D FPV Drone with Remote (Required)
  2. Battery + Charger Battery Sets 3.7V 380mAh Lipo Battery and Charger
  3. Spare Parts Crash Pack for Hubsan X4 H107D With Motor Battery Propeller
  4. Protection Cover case for the Hubsan H107D (Optional)
  5. Spare blades for RC Propellers for the Hubsan H107D (Optional)

Drones for Beginner

The Hubsan X4 H107C Drone – Best Beginner Drone

To begin with the adventurous start purchase Hubsan X4 H107C model. It has the features to record quality videos. This kit weighs below 50 grams which is little bit heavier when compared to other drones. It fits to our palm and contains many compatible characteristics like

  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Extra rotors
  • Manual
  • Transmitter

For best output mount SD card for better video recordings and AAA batteries for the transmitter. Take preventing measures to secure the blades at the time of crush by supporting with blade protector. Rotor of this kit should be handled carefully as it is delicate which is more prone to damage soon. Look at the manuals and get an idea by watching drone flight videos   in you tube before trying out on your own. Have a safe flight experience with this drone.

Flight Characteristics of the RC Quadracopter

The built in 6 axis gyroscope propels the drone even in the windy atmosphere. It gives us the optimum flight behavior due to its standard weight which is more appreciable when compared to other drones in the market. We can experience uninterrupted flight about 7-9 minutes if we charge the batteries for 30-40 minutes. There are many options to extend the battery life which is available in the store. Two types of RC transmitter provided for this model they are ‘Standard’ and ‘Expert’. I recommend you to purchase the Expert type which provides you to flip the drone in all 4 directions with less difficulty.

Video Features of the Hubsan

Use Micro SD card for better video recording. The Camera has the features to records at 720p (1280*720 resolution) which seems to be more impressive, but mind you! Phantom 4 still stands as the top camera drone. Use the button to control the start and stop of the recordings. Analyze the surroundings before trying to record videos since windy and dark atmosphere will not result in best video recordings. Initially you will face many obstacles while recording using this drone but still by learning through experience you can enjoy the optimum usage of this kit.


The pros and cons of this kit is listed below. The cons can be overcome by going for the extended version for better results.

The Advantages are:

  • Fast and sporty
  • Stable flight
  • Solid video quality
  • Competitive price

The Disadvantages are:

  • Battery life: get extra batteries
  • Can’t start/stop recording from transmitter
  • Camera may raise certain issues which can be fixed immediately
  • Blade protector is included, but hard to find (bottom of packaging)

Do want to know more about this product then check out the below links for better idea.

Thinking of buying the Hubsan X4 H107C? Here are all the compatible extras and upgrades that you can get for it.

Drone for Intermediate

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition: Deeper into the Drone Zone.

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 can fly continuously for 36 minutes and can be controlled by Smartphone, tablet etc. It gives us the experience to reach 350 feet from the ground level. The “Power Edition” comes with a valuable set of accessories which is listed below

  • 3 sets of rotor blades: red, orange, blue
  • A tool to replace them
  • 2lipo 1500mAh batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Protectors for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Stickers (yeah!)
  • Instruction manual

The power edition battery is much better when compared with regular one. The regular battery has the capacity of 1000mAh where as Power edition is packed with two high density lithium-polymer batteries carrying 1500mAh. It can sustain up to 36 minutes which is far better than regular one.The major disadvantage of this type is that the battery of this kit takes couple of hours to get charged. We have to interrupt the flight in order to change the battery incase if it drains out.It has a catchy external look with black coated body and colorful rotors. The outlook design is somewhat similar to ninja style. This kit is more attractive when compared to other drones in the market.

Flight Characteristics

Basic Android appliances can be used as a control panel for activating this drone. Their accelerometer options can be used to control the speed of the drone. This drone has a built in WIFI which enables to connect with most of the electronic devices. It can reach 160 feet from the ground level. Similar to real helicopter it has integrated embedded sensors which help to land and take off the drone with ease.The rotors are designed in a technical manner to fly swiftly irrespective of the windy atmosphere.

There are better options built in the drone to protect it from damage when it contacts with the rough surface during its flight.This model is user friendly and be sure to mount the protectors in such away it escapes from unnecessary damages. In case if the system goes unresponsive then we can use emergency landing function for safer landing. This drone even does badass barrel-roll when you double click the screen. This option drains a lot of charge from the battery. It is advisable not to do the action often which leads to shortage of charges within a short period of time.

Video Features

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 has excellent video resolution due to the built in camera 720p with the resolution 1280*720. It provides with outstanding video quality and enables the user to feed the video in social media like you tube, face book etc. It has extendable USB facilities which lead to extra storage space in the system. The recorded videos can be edited along with the sound track. These options help you to record and store all memorable moments of an individual with ease.

For Intermediate pilots and flyers

This drone is suitable for trained individuals who have already experienced with beginners kit. By using this drone one will be able to handle the steering techniques using smart phones and tablets. This drone is well compatible with Apple and Pc systems.


  • IOS/Android-compatible Drone with user friendly features
  • Built in with 2 high-performance batteries sufficient to fly for 36 minutes
  • Optimum height which reaches 160 feet (50 meters) from the ground level
  • You  have to change lipo batteries in the middle of your session
  • Batteries take several hours to charge
  • Sometimes the system becomes unresponsive which leads us to use the emergency landing function.

Don’t wait to experience this video recording quad which is available in the market at a reasonable price.

Hurry to grab the offers as soon as possible.

Interested in the Parrot AR Drone 2.0? Here’s how you can upgrade it with all the available extras.

  1. Parrot AR 2.0 Drone Power Edition (Required)

  2. Mounting Mount Tools Kit for Parrot AR Drone 1.0 and 2.0

  3. Spare Parts Motor Gears & Shafts

  4. 1500mAh 11.1V Li-po Powerful Battery for the Parrot AR Drone (Optional)

Drone for Advanced

DJI Phantom 3: Drone Settle for Anything Less

DJI Phantom 3 (the previous version of Phantom 4) is an advanced version which comes under two categories standard and professional. Standard version cost $699 whereas the professional priced about $1400.Though the professional version seems to be costly but it provides excellent resolution and advanced technology while recording the videos. The photographs taken by this drone will be more professional when compared to other drones in the market.

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This kit comprises of the following items along with the drone

  • 1 4480mAh lipo battery
  • Charger + wall socket adapter
  • 4 propellers + 4 extras
  • Accessories: rubber dampers, landing cushion, spanner, screws)
  • Video range extender
  • iPhone clamp
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Transmitter

It has sufficient charge to fly for about 25 minutes without any interruption within a single session. Moreover the advance motor features in DJI Phantom 3 provide you with longer flight time when compared to its previous version.


Flight Characteristics

The latest DJI Phantom 3 is capable to fly 3.5 km above the ground level. But it is advisable not to test the device up to that level because FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has a rule that drones can fly only up to 400 feet from the ground level. So be careful while using this drone in order to abide the rules of FAA. DJI has also introduced a firmware in order to restrict its flight within 400 feet. Since most of the drones were connected to GPS system which brings the quad back to the user without getting lost. The ‘Free Vision’ features give you the real flight data to be displayed in your control panel of the drone. The stability of the system is amazing and it captures accurate pictures several miles away from the ground level.

Video Features

It has an outstanding camera resolutions classified as standard, advance and professional. This classification is introduced based on the camera pixels which it carries with it. The pixels value ranges from 12Mega pixel which is 1080p (1920*1080) .Using the features of FOV (Field Of View) you can tilt the camera according to your requirement from 90 degree to 140 degree in order to capture the exact pictures during its flight period. The FOV control can be established by using Free Vision app which should be installed in the Android or IOS of the device. The entire control including the camera will be activated by the Android device which turns to be the remote control of the drone system


DJI drone system is highly recommendable only for professionally trained individuals. This is not suitable for the beginners who have just entered in to this world of flying using the drone. One who is well aware about the GPS features can handle this quad for better results. Now the standard version has come up with all features of the professional one except the camera resolution. Hence it is advisable to get the standard one at a reasonable price.The only disadvantage of this quad is that it has a poor customer service .Moreover the tutorial is not sufficient to learn its features for optimum usage.To know more about this product visit the below links before you purchase.

If you’re getting the DJI Phantom 3, here are all the compatible extras and upgrades that you can get for it.

  1. DJI Phantom III Professional or DJI Phantom 3 Standard (Required)

  2. Carbon Fiber Camera Vibration Absorbing Board for DJI Phantom3

  3. Propeller guard (Optional)

  4. Hardshell Case for DJI Phantom3

The Ei-Hi S911C Quadcopter UFO Huge

S911C UFO huge

Ei-Hi has introduced the new model of drone in the market named as S911C Huge Edition.  Currently this model is not available but listed with the replacement model Hubsan H107D.  This organization has analyzed the best features of the drone system to be included for optimum flight characteristics from the view of customers. Later the team has come up with suggestions in order to design an ideal drone system.

  1. Ability to resist the wind
  2. Control frequent falling when it encounters any obstacles on its way
  3. Improve in Flying distance
  4. Optimum usage of battery

Wind resistance improvements

The shape and size of the drone S911C was modified in order to resist the wind. It handles the wind force easily without being carried by it. This feature was a great drawback in the beginner’s kit. Using this model you can concentrate only in activating the controls without worrying about the atmosphere conditions.

Better drop resistance

By concentrating on this feature it helps us to enjoy the flight period without getting panic about its damage. We will share our device to anyone without any hesitation of losing our drone due to any massive fall from greater height.

Increased Flying Distance

S911C reached a new distance about 2.4 GHz 6.5 channel RC radio. This improvement enhances the enjoyment of the user. They get better experience in handling this drone for long distance. This is the great news for the professionals who has prior experience with the drones.

Battery Performance

It has good power back up when compared to other drone batteries but still this is not enough for continuous flight. Better get many batteries as possible to enjoy the flight experience. There is an optional replacement of 800mAh in this drone system. Presently there is no stock availability. Let us expect to enter the market as soon as possible.

Flight Characteristic, Performance and Fun.

This Model is relatively easy to handle when compared to other types. This drone helps to learn about gyro stabilization during the initial stages. Later you will be able to drive the drone in all direction including around the obstacles. You will be able to experience the fun when you get the whole control of the drone. Hence practice every day to drive the drone in order to master the techniques.(Latest update: At present the above discussed drone is unavailable in the market but it has a substitute in the form of Hubsan H107D  which has the same features similar to that)

Best Drone Analysis

Name Description Link
1. DJI Phantom 3 This Drone is an excellent choice for a professional at an affordable rate. It is placed first in the market because of its quality features in camera, flying range, stability etc. Thus it has a very good overall performance. Highly recommended. Get latest price
2. Hubsan H107D It has a good camera features at reasonable rate. This Drone can be activated both indoor and outdoor. Get latest price
3. Hubsan X4 107C This Drone is a beginner kit. It helps to learn the basics of flying the drone under control. Get latest price


If you are in search of a drone with all features it is advisable to purchase DJI Phantom 3 professional. All the characteristics were best in quality and available at an affordable price in the market. So please don’t hesitate to get one to experience excellent flying moments.pixels, GPS settings, smooth handling of the controllers, Quick charging time etc. The Standard version costs less than $700. Hence you can decide the drone depending on your budget.

Below $300 (Close to $300)

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power edition serves to be the best fit for this price limit. It has good technology like WIFI connectivity with your electronic devices like Android phones, tablet, 36 minutes of uninterrupted flight timings etc. Hence it is better to choose this type of drone to experience better flight within your budget.

If you want to purchase a little more costly then go for Walkera QR X350 .This type of drone is designed only for flight purpose. Extra accessories should be purchased separately which costs around $379. This drone is more powerful, agile, fast mobility and sporty outlook. It is worth to purchase and highly recommended kit for adventurous persons.


The next version is Walkera Tali H500. This drone is a really good kit which has massive features like easy to handle, high quality accessories, powerful propellers, covers the range about 1km,upgrading facilities etc. The only drawback is the cost which seems to be expensive when compared to other drones. Remember DJI Phantom 3 has similar features at reasonable price tags.

Grab your drones at affordable price and start having fun. All The Best and have fun flying .

Below $200

The best choice of drone which costs below $200 is Hubsan H107D when compared to others in the market. This drone has the superior features in FPV. There are many tutorials and guides were available to learn more about using the controls for the beginners. This type gives awareness about controlling the drone in standard and FPV mode. The robust size encourage to take with us often when we go for an adventurous moments with our friends. Moreover this drone is always safe to handle for the beginners. These facilities urge us to drive the drone whenever we get a break from our scheduled work.


Below $100

The drones which cost below $100 can be used as a toy.  Even if the kit crashes over any obstacles it regains its look by spending fewer amounts. This is an ideal type for gifting your loved ones to give them an experience in flying the drone. This Drone mostly suits for hobby purpose.

TRC01 is a common drone that comes under $100.


Yuxiang 668-A3 is also available in the market for a price as good as $36!


So now we come to the end of our complete exciting drone guide and we would love to share with you another exciting blog that gives the latest 2016 review for Phantom 4! We hope you enjoyed reading our article and would love to leave a comment below.

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