Russian Hoverbike uses Drone Technology to Fly

You will all agree with me that whosoever has happened to view the all-time-hit flick, The Return of the Jedi, would certainly have had dreamt of flying around on a Russian hoverbike. Tech giants as well as government owned enterprises have embarked on seriously expensive journeys just to produce one of these amazing devices. Some of them have failed while there have been a few success stories as well.

To the delight of most of us drone aficionados, the same drone technology that has created ripples around the world is also be utilized to give small sized, ridable machines a breath of new life.

What to make of the Russian hoverbike?

This hoverbike consisting of four rotors is called as the Scorpion S3 and has been developed by a renowned manufacturer of drones. This fabulous device has been developed by Hoversurf, an enterprise that has its headquarters in Russia and also has its subsidiary in San Francisco.

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The company is also believed to be working on a cargo drone that can carry a payload of up to three tons. Moreover, they are also working on the concept of drone taxi service. However, we believe that these innovations will take their time to materialize.

YouTube video

Company website -Drone Technology
The details about the specifications and other aspects of Scorpion are quite scarce. There is no mention of the hoverbike speed, control range, expected price or strategy to make up for those owners whose feet get injured by whirling, unprotected rotors installed only a small distance away from the rider’s legs.

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The company has only portrayed a short video on their website with a manned quadcopter harnessing wooden rotors and a dual joystick control system. The manned quadcopter is seen taking off, buzzing around, hovering and landing in the video as it scours the nooks and corners of a desolate warehouse. It’s perhaps the time to relive the fantasies you had when you were kids and used to dream of blasting your way through the Forests of Endor.

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