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Choctaw Nation plans for testing drone delivery

Looks like Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is making gigantic strides for testing drone delivery in the United States. According to the statement issued by the FAA, they have come to an agreement of a partnership with a Native American indigenous tribe.

Plans of Choctaw Nation to test drone delivery

In the contract between FAA and a Native American indigenous tribe, they have agreed upon studying drone deliveries regarding the transporting of cargo such as parcels at low heights. Choctaw Nation is the third largest tribe in the United States and is largely associated with testing drone delivery in the country.

Their partnership with the FAA will last for the next three years which will allow MMAC (Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center) to collaborate with the US tribe in studying human factors for testing drone delivery in the country. This primarily includes traffic air control.

Apart from that, Choctaw Nation is also one of the few tribes in the country to be involved in the BEYOND Program given by the FAA. It was launched in October last year to ensure that data gets used appropriately for testing drone delivery. This BEYOND program extends upon UAS-Pilot Program which was also associated with the Choctaw Nation. The proposal regarding them was based on agriculture, security and local infrastructural inspections.

The experts from this tribe have worked closely with the Green Valley Farms Living Laboratory and CNN regarding the undertaking of drone operations. Other organizations part of this undertaking include Airmap, TDRS and LLC.

Final Thoughts

People may not know but Choctaw Nation was also the first government for testing drone delivery as a Public Aircraft Operator. This government has also been fundamental in going through acoustics testing for drones alongside a National Transports Center in the United States.

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