Mavic 3

Comparison between Mavic 3 and Mavic 2

There is good news for DJI lovers all around the world as Mavic 3 has come to the market. Since its release in the market, Mavic 3 is entitled to be the best camera drone out there. The price tag of the base model starts at $2199, which is more expensive than $1599 price tag of Mavic 2 Enterprise. However, there are many things that are being drawn in a comparison between both of these modules. Which one of them will come out on top? We will see it now.

Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2: Price and Battery Life

As we have stated above, the price of the base model definitely has a huge difference, which can be considered. However, if we talk about the model with Fly More Kit, Mavic 2 Pro has the cost of $1998, whereas the price tag of Mavic 3 is $2999. The protector case’s price tag of of the new version is almost double ($319) in comparison to the previous model ($169). If we talk about the external battery, the new version costs $209 in comparison to the previous version’s cost of $149.

Speaking of battery, there has also been a comparison between both of these modules in terms of battery and flying time. The max flight time taken by Mavic 3 model is 46 minutes as compared to the previous model’s duration of 31 minutes. The Mavic 2 Pro has four batteries charging in a sequence, whereas the newly released version has three batteries charging in a sequence. The energy consumed by the previous version was 59.29 Wh, whereas the energy consumed by the new version is 77 Wh.

Camera Quality Comparison

After all, Mavic 3 has come to the market on the basis of its camera quality. You will not see people using this module for any other reasons bar its camera quality. Therefore, it was important to draw its comparison with the previous model. The sensor of the new model is 4/3 CMOS with the high-quality pixels of 20 MP. On the other hand, the previous version has a 1-Inch CMOS with the effective pixels of 20 MP. Both of them have an equal shutter speed.

These are some of the most fundamental differences you can find between the two DJI modules in the market. If you want to know further about the Mavic 3 specifications and the Mavic 2 specifications, you can go to the DJI website right now.


If you are unable to decide between the two modules, or you want an extended battery life or a crash-proof drone, you must consider to invest highly and buy the new version. Yes, the expenses are an issue, but you cannot overlook its quality.

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