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DJI market share takes a huge hit commercially

It looks like DJI market share won’t be as proficient as it once was, especially on the commercial side. There are reports that the 2021 market share report of enterprise products saw a decline of 15 points from the previous year. Despite the decline, 54% of the market share is still massive. However, it was 70% in the 2020 market share report. Therefore, you cannot ignore a decline of 16% share.

What has happened to the DJI Market Share in the commercial sector?

In 2021, there is an expectancy of 1800 respondents, from 39 industries in 110 countries. Furthermore, there were qualitative interviews to go with it. In the DJI market share report, Autel came second. This company got a lot of recognition via the ‘copycat’ Autel X-Star drone. It was almost the mirror of DJI Phantom. Despite the recognition, Autel only has a 7% market share.

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It is hard to say that Autel came second as numerous other companies saw a rise of market share by 19% in the 2021 report. This could be good news for the US-based drone companies as fewer companies are going into the niche of mission-based drones. Moreover, in the DJI market report, we saw an increase in US-based drone sales by 16%. On the other hand, China saw a decrease of 14% (77% to 63%).

Other standout countries include France, which is home to the initial people taking part in the niche of consumer airspace, Parrot. We also have Switzerland, which is becoming a drone hub soon.

Market Share in the Consumer Side

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Having said that, DJI market share has experienced positivity on the consumer side. The company, as it makes easy-to-use drones for Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2. is said to be having a 94% share. The analysts shared these statistics in the drone market sector report. 

There are a few US-based drone companies that are prioritizing consumer-based drones. GoPro and 3D Robotics have tried their hardest to make hobby-based drones. However, they failed badly. It remains to be seen whether DJI can hold onto its crown of being the commercial drone manufacturer in 2022.

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