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6 Tips for an Extended Drone Battery Life

Drones are becoming popular with every passing day and their batteries are also getting massive enhancements with each upgrade. Manufacturers have been endeavoring to make a transition from the conventional flight time range of 5 to 25 minutes to a more expansive one. Having said that, there are a few things that each one of us can do to enhance the drone battery life of our beloved flying camera. Here are the 6 best ways, tips and tricks of trade that can help your drone stay for a longer period of time in the air.

Drone Battery Life


Do not fly in harsh weather conditions

There is no need to mess with windy conditions. Flying a drone in gusty conditions tends to have an adverse effect on battery life. Flying a drone in strong winds coerces the motors to produce more thrust to maintain the hover which requires more energy from the battery. Flying your drone in calmer conditions or indoors is the best way to go to conserve battery life.

Fly at the right altitude

In order to ensure that you get the maximum out of your battery, fly at the right altitude that has been advised by the drone manufacturer. If the drone is flown at a very high altitude, the battery will get discharged at a fast rate and the flight time will decrease quickly. Similarly, the longer you go, the more battery power will be required to keep the drone airborne. WiFi and GPS systems will also require battery power to stay activated.

Charge your battery completely

Charging the battery at the right time is very important for enhanced drone battery life. You should make sure to get your battery charged right before you embark on your aerial adventure. A battery that is charged afresh is likely to perform way better than the one charged several days ago. You should also avoid overcharging the batteries as it tends to decrease their efficiency and force you to change them sooner rather than later.

It is also advised to fly your drone until the battery is about to get discharged completely or a red alert is indicated by the machine that the battery is running out of juice. These practices will help you get optimum battery life cycle and enhanced battery lifetime.

Propellers of the right size

It is essential that you own propellers of the right size and dimensions so that unnecessary pressure is not placed on the batteries. A camera drone ought to have larger sized propellers while nano drones have smaller sized propellers.

You can go through the instructions manual that comes bundled together with your drone to get to know the size of propellers appropriate for your machine. You can also try out a few different configurations to determine which one suits you the best and gives you better flight time even in harsh weather conditions.

Get an extended drone battery life

Most of the affordable drones and quadcopters come with mid-range batteries that can always be replaced with batteries boasting higher capacity. You can try out different options to get optimum battery life time for your model and see which one suits you the most. Having said that, there could be some occasions when a battery with higher capacity might not be too advantageous. This is so because bigger batteries tend to be bulkier which might result in reduced flight duration, with the battery releasing more energy notwithstanding. This is an important fact that you need to keep in mind while you attempt to enhance your battery’s life duration.


Here is a cool video that will provide you with some interesting information about drone batteries, their functioning and how to conserve them.


We recommend you to purchase at least a couple of additional batteries in addition to following the above-mentioned tips and tricks. The drone battery life is good enough to help you get the maximum out of your battery and stay in the air as long as possible. If you have any tips or pieces of advice to share with us, you can comment in the comments section below. Happy flying!

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