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Defense Department Bans Compact Sized Chinese Drones

The Defense Department heads will be giving a contextual insight to the politicians with regard to their decision to ban the use of Chinese drones that were mostly used for the department’s PR endeavors.

While briefing the Defense Senate Estimates Committee, Major General Marcus Thompson, the Deputy Chief of Information Warfare, articulated that the ban had been imposed on DJI camera drones after credible information was received from the US military sources.

According to The Australian, the Chinese drones ban had been imposed way back in September and was initiated by a US Army memo that had highlighted suspicions about systems that use DJI components or software programs.

The General said that the ban had been imposed as soon as the alert was received.

Committee Chair Senator Alex Gallacher raised concerns about the background behind the decisions responding to which the Chief of Information Warfare contended that there had been concerns with regard to the cyber security characteristics of the devices.

Steps taken regarding Chinese drones

The Senator observed that quite recently someone had seized the drone of another nation. But the General requested to reserve his comments on the statement.

Acting Defense Chief Vice Admiral Griggs requested a private briefing to the Senator. The Defense Department representatives told the Senate Estimates Committee that a public statement had been issued at the time of the imposition of the embargo and a copy of it could be provided to the committee if required.

The Defense Department remained adamant that the drones were only being used for public affairs but there has been reports of the Chinese drones being used to provide extra-ordinary aerial imagery of the military exercises.

The memo circulated by the US Army to all its service members asks them to completely abandon their use while uninstalling all the DJI applications and keeping the equipment safe before further instructions were issued.

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Final Verdict

The Chinese drones are the most popular video camera drones in the world and offer a flight time of about 25 minutes along with a control range of 5Km.

They are integrated with high quality video camera that broadcasts a real-time video feed to the remote pilot.

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