DJI and Los Angeles Fire Department to Collaborate

In a bid to propel the use of drones, DJI has announced to continue its partnership with the Los Angeles Fire Department. The Lost Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) will be able to access DJI’s state of the art drone technology, training and support. This is an encouraging news as law enforcement apparatus including fire departments all across the country have ratcheted up the use of drones to help save people’s lives and rescue them from precarious situations.

DJI decided in principle to go forward with the multi-year strategic plan to help save human lives.DJI is the entrenched market leader in the world of consumer drones and aerial imaging technology and has collaborated with the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) via Solution Development Partnership to develop, test and deploy DJI drone technology as an emergency response and preparedness tool. The agreement is one of DJI’s largest collaborations with a fire fighting department in the US and will furnish the agency with access to newer technologies, capacity building and support to integrate imaginative drone technology in its operations.

DJI’s Enterprise Partnerships Manager, Bill Chen, says that his company is quite excited at the prospects of consolidating their collaboration with LAFD which is definitely the country’s leading public safety agency. He adds that DJI will provide the agency with access to drone technology that has been tailor made for the public safety sector. He believes that the collaboration will enable DJI get precious information about the complexities of deploying drones for emergency situations in one of the most challenging urban environments in the country. He is of the view that DJI will use this information to further tweak and develop newer technologies purpose built for public safety agencies around the world to gain more value from live saving drone technology.

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The agreement means that LAFD will be able to deploy and test drone technology developed by DJI for the fire and rescue sector. The department has so far flown about 175 incident related missions using the tech giant’s industrial aerial platforms such as the Matrice 200 Series, Matrice 600 Series and DJI Phantom 4 Pro drones loaded with visual and thermal imaging cameras that provide video and data transmission in the real time to those spearheading the operations. DJI drone technology is to be used in hot spot identification and aerial mapping to help respond to wildfires along with incident response for swift water rescues, hazmat operations and urban search and rescue missions.

Richard Fields, LAFD Battalion Chief, says that his agency has been working through a practicable approach to adopting drone technology for the years to come including developing policies and protocols that delineate evident use-case scenarios and raising awareness amongst the general public about the positive life and property saving advantages drone technology can provide to the department’s crew in a bid to save human lives. He expressed excitement over the collaboration as it provided his department access to sophisticated technology including drones integrated with thermal cameras that will assist give mission commanders all the requisite information and video as required.

He further added that the blend of drone technology with advanced software tools will go a long way in overcoming the gap between helicopters and firefighters on the ground; thereby enabling the crew to respond to life threatening scenarios swiftly and effectively.Romeo Durscher, Director of Public Safety Integration at DJI, informed that LAFD is one of 910 public safety agencies in the country that is deploying drones for life saving tasks. He expressed optimism over the fact that while LAFD program demonstrated the successful use of drones in an urban environment, it goes without saying that drones can be used successfully to save lives in municipalities of any size.

There is plenty to learn for the local and state government agencies regarding latest drone deployment approaches from “The Day of the Drone is Here: Effectively Deploying Unmanned Aerial Technology in State and Local Government” white paper from DJI and Government Technology at:

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