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Drone Deploy Reports Massive 2021 User Growth

2021 was the greatest year for Drone Deploy in terms of active users and followers. Drone Deploy’ state of the drone industry Reported in January 2022 that by the past few years user growth increased 76%. They also build cloud-based software for Drone mapping and taking pictures and videos that work effectively on o many different types of drones. If we have a look at 2020 then we will find that the number of enterprise users was 1.6X more than in the year 2013 through 2019.

The Dronedeploy 2021 User Growth very High, Main Reasons

According to Drone Deploy annual report, they surveyed around 800 customers from more than forty countries and more than twenty industries and the result found that 47% of customers give values to software to get all site media at one place and 70% of customers said they take measurements from their operations

There are some major reasons behind the massive users’ growth that are

Shortage of the labour market:

This is the one important reason for increased users growth.

Drones naturally lend themselves:

Somehow drones have been criticized for reducing people’s jobs or taking potential job vacancies away from people but there is no doubt that nowadays drones are used in many potential areas and various industries and agencies instead of manpower that is the biggest reason for massive users growth.

Acquired Rocos:

Drone deployments also has acquired Rocos during the summer of 2021, which is a New Zealand-based robotic software company for various job site automation.

360 Walkthrough Products:

In 2021 Drone deployed specialized 360 walkthrough products to help customer’s documentation, and also provide 360-degree maps to collect and share useful data from the aerial and ground robots.

Some Challenges and Expectations from Drones in 2022:

After analysing all such great news and user growth, there are some challenges that we need to overcome with time for better developments and advancements regarding drones.

Try to stay updated about laws and regulations:

We need to focus on all previous and current laws and guidelines regulating and changing in a particular country and maintain all the data to keep in a flow that will help in overcoming troubles in the drone industry.

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Lack of Pilots:

This is another major challenge they need to overcome. Drones pilots need training and support for a better understanding of drones and all related aspects because twenty percent of respondents find difficulties in getting and hiring great service providers, drone service suppliers, and experienced drone pilots to avail their expertise in the specific time frame.

Offering in-house Drone Programs:

They should organize in-house drone service programs and multiple drone packages to use them efficiently and effectively regarding outsourcing or hiring other flight providers. If you outsource them then definitely your cost will increase and that will be more costly as compared to your own experienced and skilled users.

Top Rated Benefits of Using Drone Deploy:

We are going to mention here the top three benefits of using DroneDeploy at your work.

  • It has increased safety and security growth up to 46% in 2020
  • Documentation is improved by 61%
  • There is an increase in productivity of more than 64% in 2020 and encourages a cooperative environment and so on.
  • By using Dronedeploy, users can easily get a detailed model of their site to achieve better decisions at inspection time.
  • There are some variable benefits like early detection and problem resolution.
  • Discovering early problems saves millions of dollars in repair expense, fine charge and PR as well as reduces risk and liabilities too.
  • It also prevents natural disasters.
  • It helps in conflict resolution and provides accurate data to appropriate customers.
  • DroneDeploy reduces flight time and captures 3D modeling, HD videos, and mapping solutions.
  • You enjoy predictable benefits also just like time-saving and cost-effectiveness by using drone software. 
  • Oil and Gas Companies are also focusing on drone software technologies in near future for great production.
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