Drone Future as Envisaged by Amazon


In his famous appearance at “60 minutes, Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, proclaimed way back in 2013 that deliveries by drones would be the new normal by 2018. Despite things not working out as planned, drone delivery has seen massive development over the years. If you are still skeptical about the progress, you may have a look at what is being done in North Carolina. However, Amazon has been ahead of the pack when it comes to applying for drone related patents. One such patent is the “airborne fulfillment center (AFC)” which is similar to an airship or blimp that would roam around and assist drones in accomplishing the last mile delivery. A computer generated video has been doing the rounds that gives a sneak peek into the kind of future Amazon has envisaged for drones. Here is a link to the huge Amazon blimp.

Drone future envisaged by Amazon

A lot of people have been skeptical regarding the realization of an Amazon airship fulfillment center. A wide array of reactions were given to the tweet ranging from utter abhorence to making fun of the entire idea. Despite being computer generated, the video provides an insight into a future imagined by Amazon for drones. As the airship roams around, small sized drones emerge from the mothership to accomplish the last minute delivery.

Here is a link to the patent:


Do you agree with the dreams Amazon has in store when it comes to drones of the future? Are you looking forward to it or you would never want this to happen? Please drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

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