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Drone investment hits record high despite COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on numerous industries in the world. However, the drone investment looks to be hitting significant strides in the market today despite of this pandemic. According to the statistics in the drone market, the drones marked the highest investment per year in drone companies. The drones are on the rise (not just practically), and even COVID cannot stop it.

Who is responsible for the high drone investment?

drone investment

The drone investment as per the global industry has reached a record $2.34 billion amidst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was according to the report brought by the Drone Industry Insights. The biggest thing about it is that the investment is not only tremendous, but is twice as to what it was in 2019 ($1.3 billion). That was a record on its own.

The biggest aspect to be responsible for the rise in this regard is the primary hardware. The hardware segment truly hit significant strides in 2020. According to the statistics by the Drone Industry Insights, around $2 billion out of the $2.34 billion was solely invested in the primary hardware.

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Apart from the primary hardware, there was a massive chunk of the drone investment amount that got associated with the passenger drone manufacturers. The amount was said to be $1.025 billion in estimates. Out of that amount, a massive proportion went to Joby Aviation, who is well-known for the acquiring Uber Elevate in the later part of 2020.

Another massive factor with regards to the rise of this statistic was the counter-drone hardware.  This record set of investment may mean that we could be flying in drones by 2024.


In the short-term, the high drone investment means that there are more dollars being pumped into the drone industry. It also means more jobs as the drone companies could use the amount to get better personnel in their respective companies.

There is a report that the drone companies, on average, increased their staff by almost 15% in 2020. Unsurprisingly, hardware saw the highest amount of hiring, going up by 18%.


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