How to Duck Your Stuff Up

This Drone Knows How to Duck Your Stuff Up

Amazon is already working on package delivery drones. A German enterprise Festo, on the other hand, has developed a drone that knows how to duck up your stuff up. It is one of the most intriguing pieces of technology around and is part of their FreeMotionHandling project.

The drone is actually a large sized inflatable sphere that is blended with a ring of camera sensors and is about 54 inches in diameter. The electronic components are placed inside the carbon fiber ring including the four steering drives responsible for hurling the sphere in all the directions.

The integrated battery provides a flight timing of about 40 minutes which is good enough for the time being. Of course, it is not an ideal flight duration for drone delivery service though!

drone know how to suck

The drone’s infrared camera sensors are consistently keeping an eye at the surroundings. However, if you are wondering if they know how to duck your stuff up, the answer is yes. It is a cylindrical tool that is inflated with helium gas that makes use of a combination of friction and suction to suck the objects in as long as they weigh just under one pound.

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The drone’s systems and sensors have been designed to analyze the objects independently, comprehend their characteristics and then recognize similar objects in the future. These are all the required attributes so they can know how to duck your stuff up. There is some really advanced technology at work here and all of this looks quite stunning to be honest.

However, this is still merely a research project for now. It is not something that will soon be hitting the shelves but it definitely is an interesting concept of how we can use drones in the future. A toy sucking up drone would be something cool to have in your armory as it will be less likely to crash into buildings or the ground! Or maybe not! We’ll have to wait and watch!

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