Top 14 Best Selfie Light including Selfie Ring Light and Lumee Case

Capturing selfies has been transformed into a trivial job with the ever-evolving technology. The use of selfie light has facilitated tremendously in ensuring that capturing selfies becomes as easy and effective as possible in darkness. Our modern day world inhabitants want to be captured in bright light conditions. Additional boosters are required to facilitate in capturing stunning selfies such as wireless remotes, attractive lighting and eye-catching phone cases that are illuminated when a photograph is taken. We bring to you top of the line selfie light, selfie ring light and lumee case reviews if you are planning to purchase selfie lights to make your selfies look fabulous in total darkness.




Luvami Best Selfie Light Ring 32 LED

Luvami Best Selfie Light Ring is the world’s leading light ring that provides support for virtually all smartphone brands. With 32 LED lights, this device furnishes a formidable flashlight that ensures that images taken in dim light conditions or even in complete darkness are of the supreme quality. The Luvami Best Selfie Light Ring is an exceptionally easy device to operate and does not require installation of burdensome apps on your smartphone. Boasting an aesthetically pleasing design, the light ring is very light in weight and is extremely portable.



The SOCIALITE MINI ring light has been particularly engineered to provide support for capturing flawless images and video footages in conditions that are void of bright light. It has a design that renders its transportation from one place to another easier and is very light in weight. It is loaded with 32 LED Dimmable Ring Light that provides sufficient shadow with less lightning and hence ensuring top quality images. Also, the SOCIALITE MINI ring light provides three levels of brightness allowing the users to choose from the three options depending upon the environment’s requirements. It is powered by a couple of AAA batteries.

Ingenious Selfie Ring Light

The Ingenious Selfie Ring Light is the best selfie ring light in the world that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S4/S3/S5/S6, iPhone 6 plus/6/6S/5/5S/4S/4, Sony Xperia and other leading smartphone brands. The plastic material that has been used in its design is of decent quality, reliable and durable and is shock proof as well. So, the gizmo is likely to stay with you for many years. In addition, it comes with 32 highlight LED bulbs that furnish support lighting for innovative and creative cinematographers and photographers in conditions with low light. The device is easily portable and can be used to shot images and videos anywhere, any time in the world. The ring light is powered by a couple of AAA size batteries.

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RC-Selfie Ring Light 

This ring light boasts a patent design and consists of the kind of plastic that makes it more reliable than its competitors. The selfie light is shock-resistant and consists of 32 LED light bulbs to give you supplementary lighting for vivid and bright pictures and videos in dim light. In addition to functioning as the selfie ring light, the device also serves the dual purpose of a makeup ring light and torch enabling users to utilize the phone as a mirror along with the fabulous RC-Selfie Ring Light. The selfie light is easy to transport from one place to another.

Bidafun-Clip Selfie Ring Light

Equipped with 36 Highlight LED bulbs, this ring light lets users take exquisite photographs and video footages in dark light conditions. The light is loaded with a silicon rubber on its clip that prevents your smartphone from being scratched. The clip also ensures that the selfie ring light gets attached easily to your handheld mobile device. With the capability of energy conservation, the bulbs provide a long working duration. Moreover, the device is very light in weight and is durable to boot.

Foneso Selfie Ring Light 

Made of top quality durable plastic material, this selfie ring light is equipped with 36 Highlight LED bulbs and provides enormous amount of supplementary light for professional cinematography and photography in very low light conditions. Moreover, this ring light can also be used as a makeup light and spot light. Boasting very low weight, the device is easy to carry along and is very reliable.

eBoot LED-Ring Selfie Light 

Boasting compatibility for all leading mobile phone brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Motorolla, Sony and many other emerging brands, this ring selfie light is one of the best ones in the market. The device consists of 36 Highlight LED bulbs for supporting lighting for creative videography and photography. There is no need to charge this selfie light since it is powered by two AAA batteries and is very user-friendly. *currently this product is out of stock.

Demetory Ring Fill Light 

This device provides support for iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola and other tablets as well. The gadget is equipped with scintillating features that make it extremely easy for users to capture stunning images and videos in low light or even dark environments. This one is definitely one of the best available out there.

Amztech New Version Selfie Light 

Night-time selfies are no more imaginations of the past! This amazing New Version Selfie Light is one of the best available selfie lights on the market and is compatible with a wide range of handheld mobile devices. Providing options for three levels of brightness, this device is equipped with 36 LED bulbs that function for a long amount of time and let users capture top of the line selfies as and when required. Being light, it is fun and easy to operate and also provides support for MacBook.

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Raphycool 36 LED Selfie Ring Light

This is yet another selfie ring light that is compatible with a wide range of handheld mobile devices and is definitely the best in the business. It consists of 36 white colored LED bulbs that have been engineered specifically for providing supporting lighting in dark conditions. The device is very user-friendly and can be operated upon easily.

Lighted Phone Case – Lumee Case

The lighted phone cases by LuMee are an ideal buy for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Integrated within these phone cases are flashlights that get illuminated, the moment you capture a photograph. The market contains a number of light cases by a massive number of brands that are lit up once an image is taken.

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Lumee Case - Before and After


There are light cases that have been specifically developed for 5” and 5.2” devices. However, light cases for 4.7”, 4.8” and 6” smartphones are also being introduced in the market.

Ultra-flattering strips located on both sides of the LuMee phone cases ensure a perfect glow for photography. Each case is battery operated and can be recharged with the help of a MicroUSB.

Portable Mini 16 LED

A portable mini LED is yet another concoction that will breathe a new life into your selfie hobby. These articles can be found at Amazon at extremely low prices ranging around $6.99. The use of this portable mini 16 LED light is just a piece of cake. You just have to connect this device via the 3.5mm audio jack and start taking innumerable selfies. The users can adjust the intensity of light upto three levels of brightness and also hang it around there necks using the attached rope for easy transportation.

What’s more, this gizmo weighs only around 0.3 ounces (8.5 grams) which makes it extremely light in weight and easily portable. Moreover, it provides support for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 powered devices which means that it can be connected and used with tens of thousands of handheld mobile devices. The battery life for this device is a whopping two weeks which implies that you can never stop taking selfies.

If you are one of those who are always looking for experimentation and trying out various lighting options, then this one is a great option for you. In addition, it is quite realistically priced as well. As they say, best things in life do not have to be expensive all the time!

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Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light

The Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light is yet another selfie light that will add plenty of vigor and vividness to your selfies by enhancing your lighting options and giving you memorable selfies. The users have given this unique product a commendable 4.7 stars rating out of 5 on Amazon since it has helped millions around the globe get better at taking selfies and prove to their friends and family that they are adept at photography.

selfie ring light

Furnishing bright, continuous light, this device lets users capture stunning selfies and typical photographs during night or around twilight when the lighting is not appropriate. Being extremely light in weight and made of top quality plastic, it is portable and easily transportable.

The Octhanon Selfie Ring Light is a great solution to capturing selfies in low and dim light conditions and is immensely easy to use. All you have to do is to clip it to the top or side of your smartphone, trigger on the light using the power button and simply select the brightness level that you want for that particular photograph. Easy, quick and simple! The device operates with two AAA batteries which do not come in original packaging and have to be purchased separately.

Diva Ring Light with Stand

 This one is definitely one of the most popular selfie lighting kits to have hit the shelves in a long long time and is surely a crowd favorite. The Diva Ring Light with Stand is slightly priced at higher end of the price spectrum and is a preferred purchased of professional photographers and even those who intend to up the ante in ensuring top quality indoor lighting. By exterminating shadows, it creates a fabulous halo around the eyes and transforms your photographs into splendid pieces of art never ever imagined.

Professional makeup artists and photographers around the world have been greatly impressed by this technological marvel. Having said that, a lot of common folk are also being drawn towards this gadget owing to its numerous benefits. In addition to professional cinematographers and photographers, thousands of hobbyists are also resorting to this splendid Diva Ring Light with Stand in spite of it costing around $200.

Final Word – Selfie Ring Light Vs Lumee Case

We hope that you will be able to capture stunning self portraits of yourself with the help of the gizmos discussed above. Share with us in the comments section which of the above devices have been able to make a mark on your mind. We will be waiting for your feedback!

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