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Drone Uses – Applications and Purposes



If you are looking to get some idea about the uses of modern day drone uses, then you have landed at the perfect spot. Personal drones used to be the rage not so long ago. You may be familiar with some of the uses of drones but you will be amazed to learn about the diverse range of areas in which drones are being put to use. You will be pleasantly surprised to know about the dramatic difference in techniques using which drones are being employed.

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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is perhaps one of the primary form of drone uses. Thanks to the modern day sophisticated technology, drones are loaded with high quality cameras.Drones in the modern era are more stabilized and have the ability capture crisp and bright images. The operator gets to have tremendous control over the camera while being able to view the happenings on their smartphone and getting access to high definition video footage to record. Drones are also being widely used in wedding photography.Have you ever wondered about taking selfies with drones? A selfie drone could fit more people into the frame and you will get a stunning aerial view.

Agriculture and Farming

Drones are also being used in the agriculture sector. Mass farmers have come up with amazing reviews as evident changes in agricultural yield have been seen thanks to these incredible devices. Detailed crop performance analysis can be had through the agricultural land’s routine aerial surveys.This surveillance can be carried out at affordable costs without damaging the environment. One gets to have healthier crops with a higher yield.

Drones are used to spraying pesticides, frighten crop eating birds and carry out other tasks. The extent of productivity is drastically increased which makes drones exceptionally popular amongst farmers all over the world.

Vine Rangers, a California based business, is testing drones equipped with infrared cameras to find out things what cannot be typically viewed via the naked eye. The combination of software and drones lets the farmers check for diseases, analyze the grade, stress, leaf respiration.

Construction and Industrial Processes

The day is looming ever closer when drones will work alongside humans to lay building foundations and carry out other civil engineering and industrial tasks. Experimentation has been conducted by experts in these fields.

Drones are being used in the construction industry for following five purposes:

• Inspection
• Employee monitoring
• Aerial video footage of construction progress
• Surveys
• Security
Significant improvement can be anticipated in construction and infrastructure sectors thanks to regular aerial surveillance. These compact sized drones have the ability to access seemingly inaccessible spots.Real estate agencies and construction companies who are employing drones to showcase their listings in their marketing campaigns are witnessing unprecedented growth in their return on investment and have expanded their consumer base unbelievably.Aerial views of construction sites are also being captured via video footages and used in three dimensional modeling by architects. They are such exciting tools for aerial surveys and can also be for marketing and advertisement.

Drone racing and sports

Drones are being used for racing and sports which is yet another avenue where these little machines have made unparalleled progress. More and more consumers are getting attracted to this sport and adopted it as a hobby.

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Drone racing is similar to video game racing except for the fact that the pilots have to come across scenarios in the real time while maneuvering their quadcopter. So, you will be in need of a nimble drone that has the ability to pull off stunning aerial maneuvers.You may use drones to capture video footages of all kinds of buildings and sites while racing them against your friends. Even companies could hold drone racing events with their employees as contestants!

Entertainment and light shows

The drone light shows portrayed at theme parks are really striking the right chord with the spectators. Images are beamed down on a projection setup by the drones and what we get is enough to blow one’s mind away!


Aerial product delivery and shipping

Food and product delivery using drones is one of the most significant of the drone uses. Large firms such as DHL, Amazon, Dominos, FedEx etc. have been carrying out rigorous tests to see if drones could be used for product delivery and shipping. If successful, this could be a massive step towards reducing human labor and expediting delivery times.This revolutionary technology could provide you with the desired product at your desired place in a matter of a few minutes anywhere in the world. So, you may place your order from your own place and get it shipped at your friends place.

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The restrictions laid down by the Federal Aviation Administration, however, are the biggest hurdle in the application of drones for commercial purposes. One needs to solicit explicit permission from the federal agency which is currently working on relaxing these limitations. But as long as these hindrances prevail, drone delivery will remain to be an experiment.Delivery companies and retailers are facing numerous problems in the application of drones in delivery business but it is only a matter of time before everything changes. Reliable delivery and public safety are the two most important aspects that have to be taken into account in this regard.

Amazon has been striving for the past few years to deliver customer orders to their desired location using Amazon Prime Air service.These drones are integrated with sensors which enable the gizmos to avoid obstacles that come their way, deliver the ordered product to the relevant customer and return to their original point of takeoff.
In the days to come, drones could ensure that more than half your food orders and shopping is accomplished in a matter of a few minutes without any hassle.


With the modern era drones integrated with stunning intelligent flight features, the use of drones is only going to increase manifold in the world of cinematography in the days to come.The enhancement in the video capturing quality and drone technology, we could be in for interesting times when it comes to videos and films. There may come a time when the entire scene is captured autonomously by the drone with all the pans and tilts pre-configured.

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A large number of video footages are captured using drones these days. Drones have been used in some of the Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters such as Leonardo Di Caprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street, James Bond’s Skyfall, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the awe-inspiring fantasy TV show Game of Thrones.

Fire Fighting

Helicopters are typically used for firefighting but soon we will be having drones come to the rescue of those caught in the fire. Experts are working on small unmanned aircraft systems to assist in firefighting. The fact that these drones are unmanned means the risk of human lives could be considerably reduced when it comes to pilots or operators.

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The quadcopters could also play a vital role in minimizing the fire outbreak scenarios as it is always a better option to dispatch a fleet of drones to monitor the situation at the location of the fire breakout before sending in the human’s party.


One never had the idea of what one was getting into while traversing the forests not so long ago. But with the advent of drones, you can dispatch your drone into the thick forests to determine if your desired predator is out there in the woods to be hunted or not!

Inaccessible and critical processes

Real time data could be retrieved via drones from seemingly inaccessible places along with testing for certain kinds of natural resources such as gases beaming from the altitude and other researches.For instance, it is a really hard nut to crack to study volcanoes due to the toxic gases emanating from them and the high temperatures surrounding their crater. A conventional quadrotor was not able to approach them in the previous years but now drones are being deployed to fetch samples of air and capture video footages of magma activity.

Sensory analysis and inspection

Similar to other sectors, quadcopters have been found to be extremely efficient in carrying out inspections. The application of an individual physical inspection and the cost to operate helicopters has been greatly reduced thanks to drones. Drones can be used to monitor equipment, roads, water and power transmission lines regularly.Drones can also reach cluttered places such as the winding pipes laid down inside walls to collect desired data. These devices are loaded with integrated LEDs for enhanced visibility in darkness along with a unique outer encapsulation which lets them rebound off of hurdles.

This should massively decrease downtime, inspection costs and enhance worker safety and productivity.Drones can also be used to enumerate the markers on a highway and ensure that guardrail is long enough and correctly placed. Drones are also being used to inspect bridges for their quality and efficiency.Aircraft lines are also testing drones to see if they can be beneficial in inspecting aircrafts. The drones can fly over these aircrafts while capturing videos in high resolution and provide engineers with the requisite data which could enormously reduce manual labor.

News and Journalism

The ability of the drones to reach seemingly dangerous or volatile areas for journalists makes them ideal for news and journalism.Drones equipped with cameras have brought about an unimaginable change in the way we watch news. Drones are seen to be hovering everywhere to capture live action including traffic jams, fires, crimes and other stuff.

Here are some of the advantages that drones get to have over conventional helicopters:

• Ability to get closer to action
• Can be deployed faster
• Create lesser noise
• Affordable
• Can be controlled easily

Military applications

Drones are being extensively used in modern warfare and defense applications.These machines are being deployed as sophisticated predators to shoot down targets and are being used to spy around suspected locations.The small sized cameras and inbuilt sensors make them suitable for bomb detection purposes which can be really useful in avoiding the damage by defusing the bomb before it could explode.Regular surveillance has to be conducted by the military and other law enforcement agencies to prevent terrorists from getting their nefarious plans fulfilled.

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Quadcopters can result in reduced physical labor and offer a wider field of view without interfering with the ordinary folk’s lives.


Mapping is another area where drones seem to have created a huge difference. There are regions on this earth where are hard to reach. But drones can be deployed to comprehend the landscape and formulate three dimensional maps.

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Drones are also being used in the world of mining with an aim to carry out tasks that may have life-threatening implications for humans.Drones are also deployed to inspect mine entrances and pit walls to ensure worker safety. Mapping and modeling both have their own importance for miners. Accurate models and a massive drop in costs are the benefits that mining companies can get by using drones.Drones can also be used to search for minerals by integrating them with relevant sensors. Modern day drones are being loaded with multi-spectral vision devices which enables the operator to explore ore reserves in mine pits.

Medical emergencies

You must be wondering how drones can be used for medical purposes? Microsoft is working on drones by equipping them with bug collection tools and then maneuvering them in different points of interest. The quadcopter then returns with the bugs collected which are subsequently analyzed by the scientists.Nonetheless, drones cannot distinguish one bug from another and cannot only collect mosquitoes but that is exactly what scientists are concerned about. Analysis can be a processor intensive and time consuming process.

Just imagine a world where scientists could issue warnings of a malaria outbreak? This could give people the much needed time to take preventive measures.Emergency drones can be used to provide immediate healthcare support in life threatening situations such as cardiac arrest. These machines can reach the patient in a matter of a few minutes and provide necessary support before the ambulance arrives.These machines are integrated with duplex audio and video interaction ability and are armed with first aid kits.

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The drones used for emergency services can reach the patient and then the care taker could be directed via the video link about the necessary measures to take while using the advanced first aid paraphernalia.Scientists are planning drones to be integrated in the current emergency response system. The idea is presently not being supported by commercial interests and is facing a few hurdles.

Law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies are extensively using drones for public safety and surveillance purposes.These gizmos can be used to monitor the desired group of people and detect criminal activities. Drones can also be used to collect details about a crime scene and the data collected can subsequently be used to carry out crime scene investigations.

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Drones are also being used by border patrol forces to detect illegitimate criminal activity including smuggling of contraband commodities.

Passenger transportation

Most of the modern day drone uses are being used to deliver products but none of them can carry people. Ehang has come up with a concept model called as Ehang 184 which can be flown to transport passengers. The passenger needs to be sitting inside the aircraft and it will transport him or her to the desired location using autonomous flight features.

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Real Estate photography

Real estate agencies were the first to employ drones to capture videos for promotional and marketing purposes.

Real estate brokers used to rely on still images to showcase their property listings. However, one could never really comprehend the construction and architecture of a property listing merely from the still photographs as they were one dimensional images.Virtual walkthroughs and videos were then introduced despite the fact that virtual walkthroughs never really made the cut. However, videos came across as a viable option for sales and marketing purposes.

Real estate agents can now use drones to capture video footage of aspects not clearly visible, the surroundings of a house and other hard to access stuff. Moreover, the proximity of a house to the neighboring houses and facilities in the area such as a park, playground, tennis court and pools can also be shown.The use of drones in the real estate world is on the rise. Drone photographers are being hired by real estate agencies to carry out specialized tasks in relation to property listing photography.

Hobby and Entertainment

Drones can be used to carry out number of professional tasks but they can also be used for recreational purposes at the same time.A vast majority of consumers around the world are using drones for entertainment and past. One can find kids and adolescents flying mini drones and kid’s drones indoors.It is completely legal to fly drones for hobby and personal usage in the United States. Recreational flights should be undertaken in open and wide spaces so that one gets to keep an eye at the machine one’s flying.


Honeybee population is gradually decreasing and pollination cannot be taken for granted. This little bug is essential for our agricultural yield and the foods that we consume.A patent has recently been applied by Walmart to the robot, autonomous bees with a special focus on pollination drones. These mini drones have been engineered to behave in a manner similar to drones with the sole purpose of pollinating crops.These machines will be loaded with cameras and sensors and will be able to fly around autonomously to pollinate crops. These intelligent farming techniques can go a long way in increasing agriculture productivity and reducing costs.While scientists are exploring solutions to overcoming declining pollination data, these drones could come in handy to keep our agriculture produce live and kicking.


Surveys used to be a daunting task in the past demanding effort and energy. Drones have made this task easier than ever before due to their ability to give us access to critical data and video footage.


Surveillance and security are a couple of sectors that are witnessing a massive rise in the use of drones. Drones let operators carry out reconnaissance missions and access hard to reach locations without being manned.

Surveillance drones are typically used for:

• To curb poaching
• Border patrol
• Security of buildings
• Monitoring of large crowds amidst gatherings and protests
• Criminal investigations
• Prison monitoring
• Road traffic tracking
Here are some of the reasons that make drones a great option to be used for safety and security purposes:
• The smaller size of drones makes them difficult to spot
• They come with camouflaging capabilities for different conditions
• Safer for humans
• Convenient to deploy
• Affordable
• They can access cramped up spaces
• They create lesser noise thanks to their small blades and electric motors in contrast to conventional aircrafts and helicopters

A large number of startups are jumping on this bandwagon of developing newer drones for surveillance and security purposes. We are definitely going to see more jobs and financial opportunities in the future.

Search and rescue operations

Despite the rapid increase in negative press surrounding drones, there are so many positive uses of drones amongst which search and rescue missions are one of the most important ones.Typically, a rescue mission is a combat against time. The job has to be done quickly and in an efficient manner. This is exactly where drones come to the rescue.

Search and rescue drones can:

• Provide aerial imagery at affordable costs in contrast to conventional aircrafts
• Access cramped up spaces and hard to reach areas
• Carry out low elevation flights

Drones can carry high definitional GoPro action cameras and thermal imaging units to identify animals and people. The can also be instrumental in transporting medial and food supplies to hard to reach areas or regions in strife or conflict.Owing to their practical benefits, drones are being used for search and rescue missions on a wide scale around the world.Emergency response and disaster management are also a couple of areas where drones are being extensively used. In chaotic circumstances, drones can come in handy.

Space and NASA

The connection networks of large scale manufacturers can be strengthened by launching drones from the earth into the space. The device is then suspended in the low earth orbit to provide wireless networks in the targeted regions.

Astronomic drones or space probes have been sent into the space lately with an aim to study the massive universe and explore cosmic phenomena taking place in deeper space.Larger drones are being launched by NASA and other space agencies from all over the world to nearby planets such as Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

The primary aim of these drones is to analyze the chemical composition, surface and atmosphere of the desired planets.Hubble Space, a sophisticated telescope, was launched into the low earth orbit by NASA. Telescoping drones are also planned to be launched into the space to assist scientists identify cosmic phenomena and other astronomic structures.

Aerial Coverage of sports

Drones are expected to change the entire way we view TV especially sports. Aerial photography drones are becoming an integral part of live broadcast of sports such as NASCAR, golf and football.Fixed or rail cameras cannot provide certain views and angles that can only be furnished by drones. Drones come loaded with the tracking mode of flight that enables them to follow the preconfigured target. A follow me drone tracks athletes thanks to its stabilized cameras.

Telecommunication network expansion

Facebook and Google have been working on drone technologies to provide internet access to far flung areas of the planet.Google has been working on Project Loon that involves a balloon while Facebook has been carrying out experimentation on real solar powered drones that are able to fly over 10 miles above the ground to provide internet access to areas underneath them.

Weather forecasting and monitoring

Weather forecasting is one of the sectors that owes its re-emergence to drones. These unmanned aircrafts have the ability to collect crucial points with the help of their active sensors and high end cameras which enable the meteorologists in making accurate weather predictions.Drones can be sent to tornadoes or hurricanes to collect vital videos that could give in-depth information about their occurrence and patterns.Sirens Project and Tempest are a couple of examples of different endeavors and models that are being utilized to investigate about tornadoes. There are certain restrictions in place by the Federal Aviation Administration at the moment, but the future belongs to these small unmanned aircraft systems.

Wildlife Monitoring

The fact that drones do not interfere with the natural habitat of wildlife creatures makes them such a great option for monitoring and recording them. Quadcopters are being opted by wildlife conservation parks and sanctuaries around the world.These drones are integrated with thermal cameras that enable them to keep an eye at the wildlife and study animal habits.Drones are also playing a vital role in anti-poaching efforts which has caused serious damage to endangered species.


Timely delivery can be an ideal prospective whether you are shoveling, preparing for some gardening or gleaning your crops for harvesting. A drone could provide you access to spare spades, soil or pots as and when required.
The ethical aspect of drones is something that can only be revealed in the days to come. But we are sure that the future belongs to these unbelievable aircrafts.

The Wrap Up

We are of the considered opinion that this is just the beginning for drones and as these aerial machines get mainstreamed with the passage of time, our activities and routines are bound to get changed.
Drones are not left for the seasoned professionals anymore. The markets have been bombarded with beginner drones and their commercial applications are manifold.

Drones can transform everything around us. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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