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The drone is used in wildlife photography to expose nature’s beauty and unique various angles in multiple directions. By using a drone you can document nature and all different attributes incredibly. 
As we know its benefits on the other side, some experts said that drones can be problematic in wildlife photography because of their noise that may disturb animal peace. This is the big reason therefore in United States National Parks such drones are not allowed and there is also risk involved in flying drones and drone flights could go away and destroy the animal’s habitats as well.

To film wildlife drone videography and drone photography is the best option having marvelous results. For this purpose, your drone should have a combination of photography features like portability, stability, and zoom quality to take the best footage of wildlife.

We talk about DJI Mavic 3. It is among the DJI’s newest drones, having all required specifications and ideal for wildlife photography. One of the best qualities is a dual-camera system. It has a 28x Hybrid Zoom Tele camera with a 162mm focus lens. It enables your drone to stay far away from wild animals. Wildlife photography strongly emphasizes image quality that Mavic 3 drone easily fulfill this demand and entails a professional grade 4/3 CMOS having f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture that has the capability of taking 20 MP images efficiently with great output.

Nature And Wildlife Photographers On Instagram

Lets we focus on the most famous wildlife photographers to get motivated towards wildlife photography and videography.

  • Igor Altuna
  • Stacy Garlington
  • Thomas Vijayan
  • Mark Carwardine
  • Paul Nicklen
  • Nansen Weber
  • Martin Bailey

Igor Altuna

Igor Altuna Azkargorta is a very experienced amateur photographer who was born on April 1, 1966, in Arrasate-Mondragon. He covered so many places like Alaska, Canada, Africa, and Antarctica. At the beginning of his career, he used to work on Canon cameras but later, he used various kinds of drones including Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Air. His awards history is given below.

  • 500PX and Neil Dankoff Photography Competition 2021, Wildlife Honorable mention.
  • Trierenberg Super Circuit 2021 Gold Medal, Category in African Wildlife.
  • Siena Awards-  Photo Awards 2020, Category Fascinating Faces and Characters.
  • Global Circuit PSA-2019-423 CIP-2019-002 Saloon-1 Nature.

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Stacy Garlington

Stacy Garlington is known for Whale photography and she is also performing her skills as a head drone operator for NOAA-permitted humpback whale research group in the Keiki Kohola Project. She was not a technologist and had no artistic background but still, she had given her photos to so many publications

These publications are Time Magazine and Forbes. She purchased her own DJI Phantom 1 Drone in 2014 and just practicing a week, she became aware of and comfortable in performing drone pilot skills with stability. After that, she bought her second drone that was DJI Phantom 2 to capture amazing things from the sky and keep improving her flight skills. Aerial photography is her passion and nowadays she is a full-time DJI drone employee and sharing her experience and knowledge with beginners drone pilots and drone photographers.

She“Inspiring others is the most rewarding part of my job. Being able to bring new ideas to the next generation has lasting benefits to us all”, said Stacy.

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Thomas Vijayan

Thomas Vijayan is an Architect from India. He has gone seven continents for nature and wildlife photography. In every single click, he experienced so many things because he believes only in perfection and he truly loves that too. He said that wildlife photography is for me is love, care, practice, passion, friends, travel, patience, gear, and much more in my life.

He has achieved so many awards in his career including Wildlife Photographer of the Year (NHM) in 2015 and also become a Brand Ambassador of The Wellknown brand NIKON from 2015 till now

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Mark Carwardine

Mark Carwardine is an award-winning writer, great environmental activist, and a famous Zoologist. He is a TV and radio presenter and wildlife photographer. He has delivered so many lectures on wildlife and wrote in so many magazines as a columnist in his overall life history. Mark is a wonderful man who has narrated multiple movies and also co-presented two main series. One is Last Chance to See in 2009 and another is Museum Of Life in 2010.

For many years he presented dozens of two, three, four-part series on BBC Radio on different wildlife subjects and conversation. He has a great contribution in the writing field and wrote more than fifty books on multiple subjects related to wildlife. Some books’ names are Last Chance To See, Field Guide Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises. Another good news is such books are written in many languages like French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Serbian, Japanese, and Icelandic- millions of books’ copies were sold globally.

 Another marvelous achievement of Mark is, he was selected as one of the World’s 40 Great Influential Nature Photographers, and also he was selected as one of the 58 European Nature Photographers in 2008.

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Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is a famous Canadian wildlife photographer, marine biologist, and also a filmmaker. He has done his Ph.D. from the University of Victoria. He has done so many assignments for National Geographic Magazine and Sony Artisan of Imagery and made so many great imaginations for a worldwide audience. Paul is also a Co-founder of SealLegacy who inspires many people to take a stand and work for climate change positively.

Let’s highlight his achievements and awards.
  • World Press Photo Award 2013
  • Wildlife and Nature Photographer of the Year 2012 (BBC Wildlife)
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 (Natural History Museum)
  • BioGems Visionary Award 2012
  • World Press Photo Award 2010
  • Award of Excellence 2010
  • Award of Excellence 2009
  • World Press Photo Award 2008
  • World Press Photo Award 2007
  • World Press Photo Award 2004
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

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Nansen Weber

Nansen Weber was very passionate about wildlife photography from childhood and now he is a professional Arctic Wildlife photographer offering his services to BBC, National Geographic, and Ocean Futures as well. He was also engaged with National Geographic Young Explorers Grantee Project. 

He has gotten various licenses and different certifications like 

  • AST 1
  • Advanced Scuba Certification
  • Canadian Commercial Boat Captains License
  • Canadian Firearms Safety
  • Canadian Sea Kayak Certification
  • Wilderness First Aid.

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Martin Baile

Martin Bailey is born in England but is now actually Tokyo based wildlife photographer, educator, International tour and workshop leader, and also Podcaster since 2005. 

He is an innovative Craft and Vision author and become a member of X-Rite Coloratti, it is a group of professional photographers who understand and implement different color management in their advanced digital workflows.

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