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Well Well Well…We had a bit of gap posting drone reviews, but we are sure you must have enjoyed the drone photography posted on the blog. Our last review in series was of Walkera Ladybird V2 drone, and here now we present you the review for none other than DJI Phantom 3!

In this article, you will learn:
– Brief Introduction to DJI Phantom 3
– Phantom 3 Features
– Brief Flight Details
– DJI Phantom 3 drone Pricing

DJI Phantom 3 – Vision Moving To New Heights

dji phantom 3

The “Drone Kings” DJI have plenty of skeletons in their closet to keep you surprising incessantly. DJI Phantom 3 is another magnificent quadcopter which is part of the phenomenal Phantom series produced by the mighty DJI. DJI is the leading small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) brand that had brought unimaginable revolution in the world of aerial photography and video and Phantom 3 is yet another marvel of their unparalleled technological prowess, skill and art. For the drone-geeks out there, Phantom 3 is a wonderful addition to the drone world that has been able to create ripples and collect plenty of plaudits among the drone aficionados.

The world’s market is ferociously driven by consumerism in which the consumers are the real gods. DJI bows down to the will of its gods, listens to their commands and tries to shape its products in accordance with their desires. And DJI Phantom 3 has precisely been developed for the consumers. The Phantom 2 Vision and Vision+, previous versions of the Phantom series, had to be connected to a WiFi network in order to facilitate the live streaming of the video from the quadcopter. To get rid of this obstacle, DJI integrated a Lightning connector on the Phantom 3’s transmitter which enables the pilot to get access to live, high resolution streaming directly to any iOS device. You can view the visual representation of this below.

As far as the transmitter goes, it’s pretty much similar to the DJI Inspire 1’s.

DJI has been able to up the ante at this point in time and this is a tremendously good news for the avid fans of the Phantom series. The performance of the Phantom 2 was greatly obstructed by the inherent limitations of its transmitter and we had to struggle a lot during its testing due to its shortcomings. This issue has been resolved in the Phantom 3 whose transmitter keeps a track of all your flights by virtue of the DJI Pilot App.

DJI has been able to add yet another feather in its already illustrious hat by incorporating indoor flight capabilities in Phantom 3 series. These capabilities were found to be fundamentally missing in the Phantom 2 series and were a cause of serious concern for the dronies. The Phantom 2 was supposed to determine its position via the GPS which was a great obstacle in its indoor flight. The Phantom 3 comes with a prolific Virtual Positioning System which has helped DJI get rid of its reliance over the GPS.

According to statements issued by DJI regarding the Virtual Positioning System technology, the drone should be able to keep itself far more steady and stable during its flight as opposed to the old GPS technology. While flying indoors, the new Virtual Positioning System technology makes use of the imagery and acoustic data to lock its position. However, the drone is likely to become unstable during flight in the presence of reflective, shiny surfaces or objects in motion. It is also recommended to properly clean the sensors before flight and this act of cleaning especially has to be pursued before moving indoors after an outdoor flight stint since there is a high probability of the sensors getting grimy merely after a single flight.

In pursuance of the traditions established by DJI itself, Phantom 3 has been launched with a couple of versions.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional is the more superior version of the series and is currently priced at $1139 which only differs from the “Advanced” version in terms of the quality of the camera. With the help of the Phantom 3 Professional, the pilot is able to capture video at 4k UHD and at a frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps). As is pretty much evident from the name, the Professional version has been developed for the absolute pros who need to capture impeccable video shots to share or sell; and as far as selling is concerned, unless you possess a legitimate commercial license from the FAA, you don’t have the bragging rights to sell your video recordings anyways. However, the above mentioned price includes the extra battery too, but if you are looking for a Phantom 3 without the upgrades, here’s the one you can go for only for $985!

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard version
can be purchased for $525. 

All the newest features incorporated in the software part of the technology are included in both the Professional and Advanced versions of the Phantom 3 series. These features include live HD video streaming, immediate video and image sharing, simple video editing and indoor flights.

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Features that Make Phantom 3 Sensational


phantom 3 features


Since Phantom 3 already is a complete package, but you can get maximum benefit from it by getting the upgrades available! Here are a few upgrades we shortlisted for you:

  1. 4PCS DJI Phantom 3/4 Drone Fitting Motor Protection Cover 3D Printed Transport Carrying Protective Cap Cover Free Shipping
  2. Extra Intelligent Battery with Camera HD 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal for Photographer Newly
  3. Backpack Bag Case


The Upshot

Here’s our final word: The DJI Phantom 3 is an extremely professional, high quality and reasonably priced drone and is probably one of the best drones for sale to have hit the shelves in a long long time. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us to be in a better position to decide which drone suits you the most.

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