DroneDeploy to Use Rocos for Job Site Automation

DroneDeploy has been a subject to massive investor capital as of late. Now, we know that they are integrating some of it into their working plans. On Tuesday, the software startup announced that it is establishing a partnership with Rocos. Rocos is a New-Zealand based software company.  

Insight into DroneDeploy


DroneDeploy is looking to integrate moving signals as part of its working plans. The object is not just the expansion of their working place, but also the automation of aerial mapping missions. These missions have a huge association with drones. With the integration of Rocos, they are looking into the off-the-ground robots as well.

“The acquisition will enable our software startup customers in construction, energy, agriculture, and more to orchestrate both aerial and ground robots on their job sites. This acquisition will make physical workflow automation possible, creating more efficient and safer workplaces.” Prepared Statement from DroneDeploy  

Why the partnership with Rocos will be a great combination?


So how do you fancy the purchase of DroneDeploy from Rocos? Will it have an impact on the on-the-ground robots? Let’s say, for example, the responsibility of a solar technician and the augmentation with their job. They can use a drone to recognize the thermal hotspots. Afterward, they may allow the robots to walk under the spotlight to recognize and rectify the problem. There will be no human interference in this regard. Overall, the entire process will save time, resources, and human labor. 


DroneDeploy is set to launch innovative software provisions out of its Rocos acquisition at the conference held in October. This year’s conference will be held on October 19th and 20th. The registrations are no longer as the tickets finished by August 15th.

Earlier this year, the software startup announced a $50m Series E funding round. This strategy resulted in $142 million of the amount associated with fundraising to date. The company says that it will use this money for the evolution of the startup. It will not just be about the drones, which makes the Rocos combination worthy. 

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