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New DJI FPV Drone set to launch in March

Drone enthusiasts! Underline the date for the launching of the new DJI FPV drone. Yes, it is true. According to the Chinese Drone Manufacturer, DJI has scheduled a time for their product in March.  There are rumors that the product could be the DJI FPV drone.

Details of the new DJI FPV Drone

On their website, the Chinese manufacturer gave a few details regarding the new DJI FPV drone. In a 13-second promo of the product, it gave us a shot of a racing and a stunt drone, which is referred to as the FPV drone. FPV refers to the fact that it is controlled directly by the pilot via a camera device.

Even though any drone in the world can be considered an FPV drone if the pilot is doing live streaming via a video camera for guidance, FPV is no brainer for a drone flyer in the drone racing community today. The new DJI FPV is slowly gaining attraction day by day, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19 pandemic as it follows the distancing rules and regulations.

The drone racing is a sporting activity that requires the pilot to overcome an obstacle in the race in a required amount of time. Many of these drone races were aired on ESPN. In January 2020, one of the drone sponsors told the media that the viewership of the drone races has affected positively after the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing by almost 200%.

Apart from the statistics. the pilots are always expressive in the way they want to use a drone as they want to do trickery as well as overcome obstacles consistently. Whether they will find it in the new DJI FPV drone is another thing.

Final Thoughts

It remains to be seen how the new DJI FPV drone will interact with the surroundings and how its features will enable the flyers to use them. However, the signs so far are very positive and the flyers can be optimistic about its usage and upgrades in the future market.

What do you make of this new product from the Chinese manufacturers? Do you feel there is some substance to the up and coming product? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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