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Nixie drone integrating water into their plans

Usually, drone pilots like to keep their drones away from water, considering that electronics and water aren’t an ideal combination. However, the Nixie drone is changing the perception of water. The device (not the wearable drone bracelet by Intel five years ago), can play a part in water sampling and data collection panels. Its objective is to identify water samples that are studied to ensure that water supplies remain clean and efficient.

Attributes of a Nixie Drone

Nixie itself is not a drone, but it is a device associated with a drone. Currently, this device is working at its maximum potential in DJI M600 and M300 RTK commercial platforms. Therefore, whichever Nixie drone comes to the market, this device gets integrated into it. According to Reign Maker, DJI drones are safe and easy to use. 

nixie drone

A statement from Reign Maker suggested that DJI is the frontrunner in the development of drones regarding critical tasks, infrastructure, construction, and energy. If we talk about the device attached with a Nixie drone, you receive a patent attachment that you integrate within your drone. 

Once mounting takes place, you can fly drones to a sample location. There is no need to worry because the drone won’t get wet. You will only lower the drone altitude to submerge the sample bottle. This bottle can withstand up to five knots. 


Jessica Chosid, Founder and CEO of Reign Maker, stated that with the Nixie drone, there is the commitment to change the perception of water analysis worldwide. They will be looking to analyze one sample at a time. The objective of Reign Maker is to collect, highlight, identify and transform industrial and agricultural water panels across the supply chain.

What do you make of the device? Do you feel that its integration with its drones will prove to be beneficial for drone companies around the world? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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