Drones are becoming more and more popular every day, and for good reason. They offer a unique perspective that can’t be matched by any other type of photography or videography.

It’s a great news that Drone Safe Register members are offering excellent Drone Videography services to their loyal and valuable customers across the United Kingdom. In this service aerial drone and film content are easily handled with multiple choices of cinematic elements and offer opportunities to capture the attention of a large audience. Drone videography is increased rapidly over the past five years.

Here are the top five benefits of using a drone to capture your video footage mentioned below.


  • Aerial Videography for Weddings
  • Aerial Videography for TV & Film-making
  • Aerial Videography for Inspections
  • Aerial Videography for Event Filming
  • Aerial Videography for Digital Marketing

Aerial Videography for Marriage Ceremony

Drone aerial photography is used in happy couples wedding day. This technology capture the atmosphere organized by all the elements of your wedding and provides you an impressive output  that admire you a lot. No other videography can compare to the value of the drone aerial videography at all. Drone Safe Register have years of experience in taking wedding events and functions. They are also providing different packages of aerial video with including potential editing and distribution also. So, you can book your wedding videographer here.

Aerial Videography for TV & Film-making

Drone aerial videography for film and TV is not considered as an ideal, an economical. This technique is very much expensive, and time consuming also because massive cranes and costly helicopters are used to complete any aerial filming requirements. This service is used by dynamic professionals who can offer  a premium cinematic experience for all types of media related works. Drones can go where cameras on poles or other traditional filming equipment cannot. This makes them ideal for capturing shots that would be otherwise impossible to get. 

It is stated that CAA have approved Drone Safe Register members, who have provided expertise on so many British television shows. For example: A show named I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and The Apprentice, providing expert job with fulfilling all legal obligations and requirements.

Drone Aerial Videography for Inspections

Drone Aerial Videography technique for inspection is very siple and cost-effective  that ensure the safety of your business, home and hotel. It is used to inspect each and everything from roof surveying to offshore inspections. A drone operator is always there for your help in inspecting and here is another speciality  to easily review the footage as many times as you like to do and it conducts visual inspections over a traditional method. Drone Safe REgister members are qualified and fully insured and additionally,they have ability to complete multiple inspections across the United Kingdom efficiently and effectively. You can get more information about inspection right here.

Aerial Videography for Event Filming

Amazingly, Live telecast of various festivals and functions are coming back again because drones can film the festivities from the air safely and cost-effective way. They have change the way how these events are captured and remembered. Before this drone aerial videography, music festivals and outdoor programs and concert were filmed from the ground after hiring so expensive helicopter crew. But now, drone makes the life easier. Recently Drone Safe Register members have captured aerial video content for live ceremonies and music concert. The most recently at Portsmouth’s Victorious Festival which was handled by Drone Safe.

Aerial Videography for Digital Marketing

Just like the world of Drone industry, Digital Marketing is constantly changing and provide a massive increase in the use of video content across the internet just because of the rise of YouTube and TikTok. This videography technique makes digital marketing video content more stunning and memorable. it also gives impression of professionalism and highly quality content as well. Drone Safe Register members help you to find affordable drone pilot because affordability matters alot. Like any pilots use DJI Mini2 which is the best, affordable and cheaper drone for videography.

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