Game of Drones

Get a Shot at $60,000 in Game of Drones

Are you planning to make your way to the Netherlands in 2019? Do you have any association with Game of Drones? What do you think of competition similar to FPV racing but it is not actually racing and only about using drones to prevent bad drones?

DroneClash 2019 will be held in March in the Netherlands and you can still participate in the race which comes with $60,000 prize money.

And yes, it’s all going to be on fire!

DroneClash 2019 is actually a 3D Robot War that underscores both drone and anti-drone tech. It is something similar to Game of Drones, inspired by battle bots fight clubs for drones that revolve around FPV flying.

Here’s how the competition has been designed:

Take a look at the 2018’s competition!

Drone battles are not a new concept which were accomplished by groups in the past such as Aerial Sports League. But at this point in time, the prize money is just enormous.

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The contest will be held by the Delft University of Technology’s Micro Air Vehicle (MAVLab). It is definitely going to be fun and entertainment but something more than that as well.

The ultimate aim of the game of drones is to create ideas of how to develop enhanced counter-drone technology particularly in the aftermath of fears around drones flying illegitimately over airports.

According to a statement issued by the event’s organizers, with the evolution of drones, the counter-drone industry is still in the throes of its infancy. It is hoped that these two industries will keep a check on each other, consequently leading to a safe and responsible mainstreaming of drones.

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Six teams have already got themselves enrolled in the 2019 contest but there is still space for more. Awaiting financial help for a trip to the Netherlands? The event organizers claim that race participants can contact them to get some help in case of travel expenses. Visit the DroneClash2019 website for more information.

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