Glue RC Car Tires

How to Glue RC Car Tires Properly

To glue RC car tires can be quite a daunting task. It can be quite a complex one and if you do not do it the right way, you are going to end up messing things up. It can, however, be done well by breaking the procedure down into small steps and then carrying out each step appropriately. If you are able to accomplish this task properly once, you can easily replicate it again. Having said that, it does get a bit monotonous. So, we hope that you do not have to do it rather frequently. Being ready for completing this task can help you a lot in doing it the right way. Let’s get going with our comprehensive guide on how to glue RC car tires.


What is needed to Glue RC Car Tires?

1 – Wheels and tires

This may sound rather common sense but you should take care that you have the exact demands to glue RC car tires. The wheels and tires will depend on the RC car model you own and the terrains you intend to use them for.

2 – Tire gluing kit

You could get your hands on a number of tire gluing kits. Most of the kits are just a set of glue and some rubber bands. It does not make a lot of difference whether you use the conventional or off-road tire gluing kit. We have recommended a few tire gluing kits at the end. You can have a glimpse at them to see if they also work for you.

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3 – Scissors/Leather Punch Hole

Straight or curved lexan scissors which are clean and working will do just fine.

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Glue RC Car Tires

4 – 

There are a number of options when it comes to motor spray. You could choose the one that suits you and is affordable.

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5 – Paper Towels

Paper towels to hand will prevent the glue from sticking to your hands and will also be beneficial in preventing a number of accidents.

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6 – Pit towel or some cardboard

The CA that we will be using can be dangerous so ensure that your surfaces are safe and protected. You can glue your tires on your favorite coffee table.

Our kit is ready!

So, now, we have everything to get started. You should glue RC car tires in a neat and clean environment and you should take care to wear a coverall to keep yourself protected as well.

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Glue RC car tires as per the demand

The insert of the new tire puts the wall of the tire out since the insert is molded and boasts a square lip. So, the first step involves trimming the insert to ensure that it fits properly and rather easily. Here we are going to cut a lip into the insert which can be carried out by following the below mentioned steps.

1 – Take the insert out of the tire

In order to toy with the insert, we remove it and put the tire aside.

2 – Turn the insert inside out

Now, we have to trim the inside lip of the insert which can be carried out in an easier manner by turning the insert inside out. You should be careful since the insert is flexible.

3 – Cut around the edges of the insert with scissors

Now, cut around the edges of the insert slowly with the help of scissors. Be careful not to cut off more than required. If you cut more, you won’t be able to add the extra cut insert back so it is prudent to cut less as you can always trim later if and when required.

cut side of tire

4 – Place the insert back into the tire

Turn the insert back to its original state and place it back into the tire. You will observe that the side wall of the tire is a better fit now. This simple effort will ensure that gluing becomes easier.

getting tires ready to Glue RC Car Tires

5 – Clean before gluing

If the beat of the tire is given a quick wipe with a paper towel, a black smudge appears on the towel. This is actually the molding release agent from manufacture and it is important that you remove it from the tire as well as the wheel.

clean before gluing

6 – Clean the tire and wheel

Spray a little motor oil on a paper towel and wipe the tire and wheel. You can use the Dynamite Magnum Force but any other motor oil will do. You should also get your hands washed before you start gluing since any dirt or grime can spoil the gluing process. Also wipe the surface clean on which you are going to work.

7 – Test fit the wheel and tire

Now, we are going to test fir the wheel into the tire to see if it really fits well. If you are fitting multiple tires, we suggest you to fit that all right now.

8 – Fit the wheel into the tire

Now, place the tire into the wheel and ensure that it fits properly.

9 – Look for gaps

Have a look around the edges to see if there are any gaps or bumps at the edges.

10 – Ensure that tire fits snug onto the wheel

If there are any gaps or bumps around the edges, slip the tire more carefully on the wheel so that it fits properly before you start gluing. If the tire does not fit well onto the wheel, figure out if insert is pushing against the tire. If this is so, then you will need to trim the insert a bit more. Again, if you want to glue RC car tires, so fit them on the wheel now. Since, rubber stretches and as time passes, the tire tends to constrict back to its original shape which will make gluing more cumbersome

Time to Glue RC Car Tires

Now, we are about to start gluing. So, take your time and ensure you get the things absolutely right.

1 – Stretch rubber band over the tire

If you were wondering why the gluing kit included rubber bands, this step will make it clear to you. The rubber band actually ensures that the tire fits snug onto the wheel.

2 – Pull bead a bit back

Place your thumb on the bead and hold the tire to lift the lip a little. This creates a tiny gap for the glue to sneak in. If you pull it back too far, the tire might snap back in the way not intended.

3 – Put some CA into the gap

Squirt a little glue into the gap while ensuring that the glue sneaks into the beat itself and does not stay outside the tire and the wheel.

4 – Squirt the glue gently all around the tire

Gently keep squirting the glue all around the tire. Take care that you do not squirt more than required.

5 – Ensure tire is seated

Once all the tire has been glued, make sure that the tire is seated properly on the wheel. Put the wheel down with your fingers on the wheel and spin around to ensure that the tire fits snug onto the wheel.

6 – Wipe the tire and wheel

Use a paper towel and spin around the tire and wheel to remove any additional glue.

7 – Let the glue take hold

Now, put the tire aside and let the glue take hold. If you are gluing multiple tires, you can always glue them following the above procedure and let the glue dry up.

8 – Check if the glue has dried up

It should take around five to eight minutes for the glue to dry up. See if the glue has lost its shine and does not appear wet.

9 – Repeat with backside of the wheel

Now, that all the tires have been glued, now repeat the same process for the other side.

Points to remember

The most important point here to remember is preparedness. Ensure that you are equipped with the appropriate tools for the task and comprehend each step before you start implementing it. Glue RC car tires can be rather troublesome. However, if you follow a detailed line of action, you can accomplish this seemingly difficult task with incredible ease. This is not a loveable task by any stretch of imagination. However, simultaneously, it is a mandatory one if you want your RC car to perform well and appear aesthetically appealing. If you rush, you could land yourself in trouble. So, be careful and bide your time with each step.

Suggested kits

Here are the kits that we suggest. There are numerous brands that will work fine so if you have already purchased a kit, stay relaxed.


Dynamite Curved Lexan Scissors are what we recommend for the RC car enthusiasts who like to do everything with extreme precision. You can use any scissors as a matter of fact.

[aebox title=”10pcs Professional Steel RC Body Shell Scissors Curved Tip For Remote Control Helicopter Buggy Truck Bodyshell Tools” price=”US $10.99″ url=”” image=”” size=”medium” align=”left” layout=”img-left-text-right” target=”1″ nofollow=”0″]

Losi Off-Road Tire Gluing Kit

This is a popular tire gluing kit. There is not much of a difference between off-road and on-road tire gluing kits. The sizes of the rubber bands vary in the two kits. Other than that, they are pretty much the same.

Glue RC Car Tires


Here is a detailed video tutorial about how to glue a RC car tire. The folks at Horizon RC have done a commendable job and it will definitely help you a lot in properly gluing your RC tires.

A video tutorial can always be handy but we have also tried to break apart all the steps and streamline the workflow. Keep in mind that before you glue RC car tires, you must be ready along with your environment.

Final Verdict

You can find plenty of tips and tricks in the comments section of the above video if you still want to know about how to glue RC car tires. Sometime you might want to know what to do if the glue gets dried on the tire or if you can use alcohol to wipe off the tires. Just remember that even if you land in trouble while gluing RC car tires, do not get worried and ask the experts. Everything will be fine.

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