drone sense and avoid

Improve drone sense and avoid through MicroLiDAR

Nowadays, the ability to improve the drone sense and avoid goes under the radar. Unfortunately, the LiDAR sensors, associated with the drones, are getting smaller. However, there is one American drone company that promises to build a small, light scanning LiDAR sensor, called MicroLiDAR. 

How does the SF45 microLiDAR improve drone to sense and avoid?

The LiDAR unit must be projected at a horizontal or a vertical field, with a vision of 0.2m to 50m. Once you are flying the drone, LiDAR will create numerous data points to verify the drone sense and avoid. The data gets operated onboard. Therefore, there is no requirement regarding dedicated processors, which is beneficial in saving costs and power. The quick data operation enables visualization of all the interferences in original time, which helps minimize drone accidents. 

drone sense and avoid

By improving the drone sense and avoid, SF45 microLiDAR brings vision and practicality to the small unmanned systems. As the autonomous does not possess the 3D depth perception, they are unable to make sense regarding the unexpected features. Our LiDAR sensors give them an appropriate sight, which enables them to identify the corners. 

Apart from obstacle detection, LiDAR does not have other use cases. The sensors can be used in situations when there is tough to conduct drone processes, such as drone delivery. 


After this development, many drone companies are looking to invest in LiDAR sensors to improve the drone sense and avoid. For example, the DJI company came to know about LiDAR through investing in Livox, an independent, sensor-technology organization. Horizon and Tele-15, products of Livox, can deliver an improved sensing performance as compared to the traditional LiDAR units. One of these units costs $1,000.

DroneDeploy says that the global LiDAR market has a current value of $1.1 billion (in the last two years). Furthermore, the prediction is that it will reach $3.21 billion in the next 16 years. This rise will result in a 34% rise in market dimensions. 

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