Interdrone Cancelled in 2021 just like 2020

It has been a very hard time for the interdrone enthusiasts. After the 2020 event got canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, a similar fate has followed in 2021. Emerald Expositions, the team that organizes the annual conferences for the event, announced that there won’t be any event in 2021. Initially, it was scheduled for August 10-12 in 2021 in Dallas, Texas. 

Why did the Interdrone 2021 event get canceled?

Interdrone 2021

There are a few reasons because of the cancellation of the Interdrone event. Firstly, there are ongoing restrictions on the corporate sector. Numerous drone companies have cut their ties from business travel. For example, Amazon recently saved around $1 billion in travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The lack of corporate-level from the drone sector proved to be catastrophic for airlines and hotels. Moreover, it is proving to be a problem for industries-type conferences as well. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) was optimistic that business travel will start again. 

Secondly, the Interdrone 2021 event suffered from limitations on the international level. The drone industry has various strong international connections. In usual time, it is important. However, in the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes a problem. 

Recently, there has been a 14-day restriction placed on non-US citizens to travel to the USA. The countries in this category include the UK, Brazil, India, and China. Considering this restriction, it is unlikely that they will come to be a part of the US conference anytime soon.

What happens next?

Luckily for the organizers, the hotel policies have become extremely flexible since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, the airline cancellation policies have also been working well. At Hyatt, where the Interdrone 2021 was initially scheduled, World of Hyatt members can easily cancel their flights before 24 hours. 

However, it does not apply for reservations or specified contractual rates. If you have a flight booked because of this event, you have to corporate with them to get your refund. Will we see the event happening in 2022? With two events canceled and its recent rumors giving high hopes, it is unlikely that the organizers cancel the event for the third consecutive year.  

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