Is the New DJI FPV Drone a racing one?

Is the New DJI FPV Drone a racing one?

Are you a drone racing lover? We have something special for you:) If you are a drone enthusiast then you might know about the latest DJI FPV Drone. Although DJI’s new FPV drone is not going to be a fully functional racing one with a speed of 100 miles per hour but it doesn’t mean enthusiasts won’t race with their FPV drones.

From the start, we are discussing that DJI’s latest FPV drone is a hybrid one, not a racing drone. But It is expected that it will most probably have a Rate mode that will turn it into an FPV racer that can be utilized while racing. But there are hardly any chances of winning if you are going to compete with the latest and greatest ones. But there’s no doubt that hundreds of pilots are going to race.

Drone Racing

If you are familiar with drone racing then you might have heard about Drone Racing League(DRL). In this league, dozens of pilots compete with each other with their beast. It’s great as it gives a new chance to various pilots and one can also judge its racing skills. Whatever it is with all the stuff similar, It’s really about one’s skill.

DRL: A closer look

There is no doubt that DJI releases dozens of amazing products every week and let’s assume that there are hundreds of people who wanted to participate in DRL with their new DJI FPV drone. Well, Why don’t DJI conduct a race only for their FPV drones?

Furthermore, we don’t have an idea how fast or slow these drones are but there is no doubt that they will faster than DJI’s Mavic series ( Which is similar in shape and size). We don’t know whether someone would appear in DRL with their FPV drone or not but we can’t deny that there will various races popping up around the globe.

Will DJI sponsor? Well, we don’t really know as DJI hardly comments on products close to their release. A strong racing network might give a boost to its sales but we don’t think DJI will be stuck at sales. Furthermore, hundreds of fans are still waiting for its release date.

What Else?

Overall we are very excited about the release of DJI’s new FPV drone. Furthermore, DJI hasn’t leaked its release date till now but hundreds of DJI fans waiting for the release. Will, you participate in such a kind of drone race? ( I will definitely..) do lemme know will you participate or not.

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