Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran Review

This Rockstar Catamaran boat is a large sized Catamaran-styled boat and is the same as those used in offshore racing contests. The boat runs on a gasoline engine and can be maneuvered using a radio controller and receiver to operate servos to control steering, throttle and forward/reverse direction controls. Manufactured by Pro Boat, the engineers have given plenty of attention to detail in the development of this device.

Who should purchase the Rockstar Catamaran boat?

This Rockstar Catamaran boat is not the one for novices to try their hands on. It is a handcrafted machine and boasts some of the most advanced parts available on RC boats. The device needs to be assembled before it can be put to use while it is essential that the owner takes its due care with regard to its repair and maintenance.

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This is an ideal device for professional and advanced users equipped with expert skills. Moreover, you need to be a veteran to use this high performance gizmo safely. [Currently this product is out of stock by manufacturer]

Key Features and Advantages of Rockstar Catamaran

  • Large size: This is a large sized RC boat that is four feet in length while the beam has a width of 17.3 inches. It weighs around 20.2 pounds and is one of the most stable RC boats around. Owing to its large size and sturdiness, it is able to cope with rough waters at fast speeds as opposed to its competitors.
  • Gas Engine: A boat powered by a gas engine opens up new vistas of excitement for the drivers. There was a time when you got a battery lifespan of 15 minutes and then had to recharge the batteries for another hour or so. With the gasoline engine installed, you just need to fill in 87 octane gasoline and off you go. This lets you enjoy driving your RC boat for hours and hours without any break.
  • Fast Speed: Pro Boat’s Dynamite 26cc gasoline engine with a tuned pipe and muffler are part of this exquisite machinery. The power from the engine is transferred to the flexible drive shaft that gets rid of undesired vibrations, and rotates the 70mm 1.5 pitch propeller to move the boat in the forward direction. In spite of boasting a really large size, this boat is extremely swift and agile. It can attain speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour even when the water is rough.
  • Clutch: The centrifugal clutch system is a wonderful safety mechanism added by the manufacturers to the Rockstar Catamaran. When the boat is idle, the clutch engages so the drive shaft and propellers stop rotating, which tends to minimize the risk of injury caused by moving parts. There is no risk of getting your hands cut when you buy this RC boat.


  • Gasoline engine ensures non-stop entertainment without any breaks
  • 2.4GHz dual channel radio system
  • Handcrafted fiber glass full
  • Powerful 26cc engine induces speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour
  • Top quality built and design


  • LiPo battery charger for radio receiver battery not included in original packaging
  • Placed at higher end of price spectrum for rookies
  • Requires plenty of repairs and maintenance

Customer Reviews

On the whole, the customers have left encouraging reviews regarding Rockstar Catamaran. According to one of the customers, there was no damage at all even in the paint of the boat and he expressed his love for the contraption.

There was another customer who said that he could not stop toying with his RC boat. Another one said that the boat needed lots of maintenance and the customer service by the company was not up to scratch. However, he still fancied his purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the boat run on a full fuel tank?

A: The Rockstar Catamaran runs for about 20 to 30 minutes on a full fuel tank.

Q: Does the original packaging includes all the gear required to run it?

A: No. The owner needs to supply an authorized gasoline container with gasoline and a LiPo battery charger is also required to keep the receiver battery charged.

Q: Does the engine need some tuning before the ride?

A: You might need to calibrate the idle speed and nothing much.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, the Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran is one of the best boats out there. It boasts a handcrafted hull and consists of top quality components. The attention to detail is simply magnificent. It sports a large size which makes it one of the most stable RC boats around. Despite its large size, it still is able to achieve high speeds. If you are someone who takes a fancy to running RC boats and also maintaining them, this is a fabulous boat that you will definitely have a nice time with.

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