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Top 5 RC Boats in the World

RC boats tend to provide one of the most exhilarating hours full of entertainment in contrast to those furnished by other radio controlled vehicles. These high performance devices are ideal for enthusiasts who want to drive vehicles in water at exceptionally high speeds. In this post, we are going to take a look at the top 5 RC boats in the world. We have compiled this list based on control, sensitivity, responsiveness, reliability, built, design, add-ons and other such factors.

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This product by Traxxas is placed their right at the top spot of our list. This top quality boat by Traxxas boasts the most aesthetically pleasing design that you would come across in the RC boats industry. Full color die cut decals are included in the original packaging and can be used by the owners to add color and vigor to their machine as and when required.

Moreover, the RC boat also includes an integrated water-resistant nautical speed control while the high-torque electronic servo has no issues with water. The boat includes a 4 ampere peak detecting charger and is loaded with stunning tuning options with the Blast RC boat.


  • Number of add-ons included in the original bundle
  • Exquisite design
  • High performance marvel of technology at an amazingly affordable price
  • Ready to use
  • Light in weight


  • Slightly slower than its competitors in speed
  • Designed for novices


Pro Boat Volere 22 EP RTR V2 RC Boats

We have graded it as one of the most beautiful RC boats around. This is a slightly more casual option for the RC boats junkies. This is yet another stylish product by Pro Boat that certainly does not lag behind in performance and comes in ready to go packaging with no assembly required at all.

It has been designed as a real life replica of some of the 1950s Volere. Hence, it is one of those boats that you would like to keep in your collection owing to its classic design and eye-catching styling. Attention to detail is where Pro Boat excels and the very principle has been followed here when it comes to this boat. It will definitely attract a lot of onlookers. The ABS plastic hull is blow molded and boasts a layer of real wood trim; thereby granting it an almost lifelike appearance.

It might appear to be the most attractive RC boats around but simultaneously it is not meant for the rookies. It requires intricate care and handling while out there on the water as it is quite a nifty product. Some of its sublime features include electronic speed control, reverse functionality and water cooled motor. It certainly packs a power punch and is surely one of the best in the market.


  • Stunning styling
  • High performance machine that exudes power
  • Ready to go in original packaging
  • Reverse is include


  • Interior gets wet since there is no top hood
  • Requires additional care for handling

Traxxas Spartan 36” RC boats with TQ 2.4GHz Radio and TSM

Spartan is a three feet long race boat that might not be as fast as other Traxxas products but still is able to achieve speeds around 30 miles per hour. You also get the TQi 2.4GHz radio system along with the boat that is integrated with Traxxas Stability Management so the driver can take hairpin sharp turns at first speed and attain optimum speed without worrying about the vehicle getting out of control.

The Spartan sports a deep V hull shape catering to the water ergonomics to ensure high speeds as the boat zips through water. The earlier models by Traxxas were criticized by customers for lack of an alternative power source. They have tried to resolve this issue by giving the users the choice to use battery as an alternative source of power. The Spartan provides support for both 7-cell NiMH batteries and 3S LiPo ones. This arrangement is in accordance with the customer demands who do not want to be constrained to using one battery type. It includes a quick release power module and water proof electronics and lets owners replace batteries on the go!


    • Deep V hull shape to slice through water at fast speeds
    • Traxxas stability management system
    • Multiple battery choices
    • Quick release power module


  • Brushless motor with water cooling jacket


  • Styling seems to be monotonous
  • Longest RC boats around
  • Poor portability

Pro Boat Blackjack Catamaran Brushless

The Pro Boat Blackjack Brushless RTR boat can attain an optimum speed of 30 miles per hour and comes with tons of add-ons in its original packaging. It is a 24inch boat and boasts rather bland styling which lets you down a bit. But once you get to enjoy the handling, splicing through the water and taking sharp turns is plenty of fun thanks to Pro Boat’s offset rudder mechanism.

The Pro Boat Blackjack Brushless RTR boat offers stunning steadiness and tremendous ease of handling that gives an impression as if the boat is stuck to the water surface. The powerful steering servo is attached to a hull and is powered by a water cooled motor that is supported by a 30A LiPo battery.

Sadly though, the boat does not include batteries in its original packaging. AA batteries are required for the controller which could be either LiPo or NiMH. This means that if you want to buy this gizmo, you will have to get your hands on the auxiliary items separately. This is a bit of a turn-off but the excellent stability renders this boat a must-have for the hobbyists.


  • Top quality stability
  • Offset rudder mechanism
  • Water cooled electronic components
  • Portable


  • You need to purchase accessories to get going
  • Bland styling

Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat

Winner of the editor’s choice award for the best RC boat, this amazing racing longboat has the capacity to reach an optimum speed of 50 miles per hour with 6S LiPo batteries that ought to be purchased separately. This tends to be the norm when it comes to Traxxas products but they have always been raising the bar when it comes to developing RC vehicles and equipping them with cutting edge technology. This one is one of Traxxas’ largest designs as they have yet again pushed the boundaries in terms of inventiveness and innovation. This is a tremendous machine that will stun you with its tremendous power and high performance features.

Less water resistance is faced by the boat thanks to its lengthy design. Moreover, the manufacturers have loaded this beadt with tons of exquisite features that make the maneuverability of DCB M41 seem as simple as it can get.

This model is integrated with water proof electronics which ensure that you get to enjoy endless hours of driving. Water proof brushless motor is one of the greatest assets of this phenomenal device that is easy to calibrate and can be maintained without any difficulty. The DCB M41 boasts a strengthened frame and aluminum allow hardware; thereby ensuring that the boat is reliable as possible.

It is a perfect machine for experienced RC boat junkies. It also incorporates low power configuration that lets the enthusiasts practice some scintillating stunts with little power.


  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Strengthened build
  • Water proof electronics
  • Optimum speed of 50 MPH
  • Traxxas stability management
  • Brushless motor with water cooling jacket


  • Lengthy in contrast to its counterparts
  • Does not include batteries in its original packaging

Final Verdict on RC boats

The best RC boats available on the market are adorned with tons of exquisite features and spectacular styling. Whether you want to use these machines for high speeds, splendid looks, stunning tricks and stunts or just to add to your collection, these devices have been designed for the veteran enthusiasts and promise to furnish hours and hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

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