Quanum DIY FPV Goggles Review

Opting to buy $300 worth FatSharks as your first FPV goggles as a beginner dronie is simply to extravagant unless you are a charitable human being. The Quanum DIY FPV Goggles is a fabulous option for those who want an immersive digital experience without having to spend an arm and a leg.


Features of Quanum DIY FPV Goggles 

Basically, this is a box with a small LCD located at the rear and hence allows for a wide field of view. A large sized lens magnifies the field of view and is located between the eyes and the LCD. This leads to the creation of a warping effect on the screen edges. This might be a bit frustrating for some users since the edges of the screen can get a touch blurry.

Quanum DIY FPV Goggles

I opt to not install this. The screen is 4.3inch in size and provides a non-blue screen and converts the video into snowflakes that are known as static. This is especially handy when the signal strength gets low. So, rather than having the screen turn totally blue for a fleeting moment or having flashes between blue image and the video, the video continues being played but the missing parts of the video are filled in with static. So, whenever the video is missing, you will not be that much annoyed.

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The Screen

Now, let’s move to the screen. Just behind the screen, there are three buttons namely up, down and enter. There are also options for the contrast, color, brightness, screen ration and language. With the video signal connected, you can adjust the configurations with seamless ease. The screen also provides a nice matte screen protector to reduce glare and reflections.

Considering the low price, the build quality is decent enough. The user is required to assemble the product him or herself. It is a simple process since the components are modular and easy to put together. The downside of these Quanum DIY FPV goggles is that they are too heavy and their feel on one’s face and head is not liberating.

It is fitted with foam around the edges of the frame to rest on the face, the screen on the other side causes pressure on the cheeks. Some people opt for the LiPo battery and the video receiver in the frame itself. It will make you feel as if you have something very heavy attached to your face. So, it is advisable to reduce the weight as much as possible.

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To cut to the chase, the Quanum DIY FPV Goggles are the best ones that you can purchase for such as low cost. They offer decent performance and provide a good quality immersive digital experience. Simply said, they get the job done rather well. If you believe the field of view as an important factor, then this is a low cost variant of the HD Headplays. Also with FatSharks, the experience is similar to sitting in the back row of a cinema.

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