FPV Drone Parts

Low Cost FPV Drone Parts

Owing to the massive popularity gained by drones, the spare FPV drone parts have become more and more affordable and decent FPV drone parts can be built without having to spend an arm and a leg. A couple of years back, it would cost around $30 to get a motor but now, you can get four quite powerful motors for an amount even lesser than this.

The cost at the beginning of the hobby might seem a little on the higher side. You will have to do a few one-time-purchases such as the radio, charger, FPV goggles, etc. Nevertheless, it is possible to build an FPV drone with cost-effective FPV drone parts. As a matter of fact, Stew from UAVFeatures built one for less than $100. If you intend to follow his build step by step, you are most welcome to do so. The build that we are going to discuss includes pretty much similar parts except that we will be using a better quality FPV camera.

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I prefer a better quality camera since it is the basis of the entire FPV experience.

Cost breakdown of the FPV drone parts

  • Frame: $16
  • Motors: $27
  • ESC: $30
  • Flight Controller: $20
  • FPV Camera: $20
  • Video Transmitter: $12
  • Receiver: $13
  • 10 pairs of propellers: $7

Total: $145

In some cases, we have preferred better quality FPV drone parts.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get going in detail!

Frame – Lisam LS-210

This is a wonderful quadcopter frame that is suitable for racing as well as freestyle. It has been designed especially for rookies. The frame is small in size but still is able to accommodate plenty of components. It is easy to build and despite having a thickness of 3mm at the bottom, it is quite solid. Frames of thickness 4mm are slightly more expensive and will cost you $10 to $15 extra. So, I would recommend you to get your hands on this frame.

Motors – Racerstar 2205/2300kV

These motors promise to offer approximately 1000 grams of thrust at full throttle and cost only about $27. Just to give you a perspective, a single Lumenier motor costs around $25. So, four of these motors cost just a little more and let you build almost three quadcopters for the price of a single motor. It is always safe to have more quadcopters in your armory considering the high frequency with which they tend to get crashed.

These motors spin all kinds of 5” propellers will seamlessly ease. If you are a beginner and want to develop a cool machine, they will definitely provide you with lots of power and thrust. These motors are quite popular among drone enthusiasts and have been tested thoroughly.

ESC – Racerstarter 20A 4-in-1 ESC

These ESCs offer sufficient amperage tolerance to manage the FPV drone parts at a reasonable price. If the motors are over propped and the user keeps throttling them up to 100%, he or she may end up damaging them. But for normal handling and 100% throttle lasting about 2 to 3 seconds, this ESC is quite a good one. BLHeli_S firmware is used by these ESCs and does a good enough job.

Flight Controller – Omnibus Betaflight F3 Controller

This is a fabulous flight controller that offers stunning F3 processing power for faster loop-times and hence ensures smooth flight. It also comes with an SD card slot for Blackbox recording along with the Betagflight OSD that enables the user to view sensitive flight data while being able to tune the PIDs from the OSD menu. There are lower-priced flight controllers available on the market as well but the Omnibus F3 is a formidable choice since the OSD support can make a huge difference in terms of tuning options.

FPV camera – HS1177 clone from MYRCmart

MYRCmart has showcased an exact clone of the HS1177 FPC camera. The original camera costs around $35 while you can get this one for an amount almost ten buckers cheaper. Do not forget to buy one with at least a 2.5mm lens.

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Video transmitter option 1 – Eachine VTX03

The Eachine VTX03 is a compact-sized, low-cost video transmitter that offers switchable power outputs such as 25, 50, and 500mW. These are more than enough for basic racing and park flying. It comes with 72 channels so there is never going to be an issue with you and your partner being on the same channel. Moreover, the small size ensures that the device is light in weight. The dipole antenna is attached with a u.fl connector so if you are not interested in attaching a dipole antenna in the future, you can connect an RP-SMA or SMA pigtail with a u.fl connector and an antenna that you prefer.

Video transmitter option 2 – TS5823

The TS5823 is a basic video transmitter with 32 channel transmitter. It comes with dipswitches rather than push-button channel change which is a bit of a downside because it could be rather frustrating to keep switching channels when flying with other people. But this is a pleasant choice for you if you fly alone or fly on the same channel.

Antenna for option 2 – Foxeer Unbreakable

These antennae are reasonably priced and offer good enough picture quality. The lobes are housed in hard plastic cases so they can withstand plenty of beating.

FrSky Receiver – FrSky XM or XM+ receiver

FrSky receivers are one of the most formidable FPV drone parts in the industry. The company has come up with XM series receivers that are low cost, offer compatibility with SBUS, and are quite good for mini quadcopters. There are a couple of options that you can try. The XM series is a single antenna receiver with a lesser range while the XM+ receiver is a dual antenna receiver with a full 1.5Km range. To be honest, you are not going to fly farther than 1Km, so if you want to save about ten bucks or so, go for the XM series. Since you already have the OSD support from your flight controller, so you will not be needing the telemetry option.

FlySky Receiver – FlySky FS-A8S

This is a compact-sized SBUS receiver that is a phenomenal contraption for the mini as well as micro quadcopters. If you are using a radio such as the FlySky FS-i6 or the Turnigy Evolution, it is an ideal choice!

DSM Receiver – LemonRX Satellite

If you are using OrangeRX or Spektrum gear, then the small-sized LemonRX satellite receiver is a great choice worth less than $15 as compared to other FPV drone parts. Receivers are not cheaper than this so you will have to spend from about $10 to $15 for a good receiver.

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Propellers – King Kong 5040 x 3 Propellers

King Kong comes up with decent quality propellers. Joshua Bardwell was particularly in love with the wonderful 5040 propellers. The latest 5040×3 is a great option for rookies. As you get better at flying, you might observe these FPV drone parts to be found wanting at the higher throttle. Having said that, the propellers are long-lasting and you can get 10 pairs for just $6. They are certainly durable and withstand plenty of crashes.

Low-cost LiPos – Infinity or China Hobby Line

Both these battery packs are affordable as they cost around $20. The higher-end batteries are worth almost double the price. These are sufficient for the daily flyers.

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