RC Buggy Up Against Short Course Truck

Well, I agree that the post’s title might be a bit phony but it is essential for all us RC car enthusiasts to know which one of the RC buggy up against the Short Course Truck are better. This is particularly important if you are intending to get your kid his/her first RC car. In this article, we endeavor to make life easier for you and compare the two types of RC cars. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to the business.

RC Buggy Up Against Short Course Truck

A RC buggy is a radio controlled vehicle that can be bought from virtually any online or brick and mortar store. Most of these fall in the ready to run buggy class. You just have to take it out of the original packaging, get the batteries charged up and off you go. They are powered by either gasoline or electric power. There are different types of RC buggies with some designed for off-road usage and others made for on-road purposes. They can be had for as low as $20 and as much as a few hundred bucks. There are lots of RC buggies out there developed by different manufacturers.

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Short Course Truck

There are a few people who would claim that a RC buggy and a short course truck are one and the same thing. However, there are huge differences between the two types of RC vehicles. More often than not, a truck will be larger in size, higher from the surface of the earth, more powerful and typically lot more formidable, sturdier and rowdier. Moreover, there are lot more fans of short course trucks out there in contrast to buggies.

Which is better for RC Buggy Up Against Short Course Truck?

A decent ready to run buggy is more suitable for racing since it is a lot closer to the ground, offers simple and easy maneuvering and is traditionally easy to control. You can carry out more complex stunts with RC buggies in contrast to a short course truck. It goes without saying that a short course truck tends to run well on a smooth surface that may be a tarmac or a sidewalk in your neighborhood. But it is not generally as agile and swift as the buggy.

So, RC buggy is the clear winner here in this comparison.

Which is better for sand?

This is quite a complicated question since a short course truck is able to traverse literally all sorts of terrains with remarkable ease. It has been engineered to drive over harsh terrains and the absence of accurate maneuvering that sometimes takes place does not become that huge a issue. Having said that, there are RC buggies that have been developed especially for conquering harsh terrains such as sand but generally this is not the case for all of the RC buggies out there. So, if you are looking for a RC vehicle that runs fast on the sand and helps you impress the ladies out there, a short course truck should be the one for you.

Here, a short course truck takes away all the glory!

Which is better for grass?

When it comes to short dry grass, a RC buggy is the clear favorite. It will race around at a fast pace and will have not issues at all. It tends to offer smooth handling despite the resistance offered by grass. It should be able to maintain nice steady pace. Now, in case of wet grass, there can be lots of issues that might crop up, particularly if the tires are of poor quality. On the other hand, a short course truck is designed for rowdy and harsh play and will quite comfortably run over any lawn, no matter whether it is dry or wet. However, if we put both the vehicles together on a dry lawn, the RC buggy would come out as the winner. But in case of a wet lawn with tall grass, the short course truck would stand out.

So, we get a tie here since the competition is just way too steep.

Which is better for bashing around?

A short course truck is the clear winner here. Since it is a bit higher off the ground in contrast to a RC buggy and it has been designed to conquer muddy, dirty landscapes, so these characteristics make it the favorite here. But there have been some large and solid RC buggies that have been designed to tackle off-road challenges and some of them are good enough to set the cat amongst the pigeons. But if, as a parent, you are looking for a perfect vehicle to carry out some bashing, then a short course truck is the way to go.

In this comparison, a short course truck is the outright winner.

Final Verdict

To be candid with you, it is not an easy decision. A short course truck seems to be the winner in our short contests. But on the whole, a kid or even an adult can have plenty of fun with a nice decent Ready to Run RC buggy. RC buggies can be had from the market at very affordable prices and you could get your hands on one of them to see if you are really into this hobby. If you feel like fancying this hobby, then you can make a move to more expensive RC buggies or even a lot more powerful, sturdier and rowdier RC short course trucks.

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