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Drone Market sees Germany and Switzerland join the mix

In recent years, Germany and France have become popular due to their innovative cars, colors, and watches. However, they are also establishing their credentials in the drone market. We may see more titles of ‘Made in Germany’ and ‘Made in Switzerland’ on future drone products. These two countries are leading the list of the highest drone investment capital out of any country. Moreover, they are looking into top-class technology for improving matters.

Numerous drones flying in the drone market

One of the biggest reasons for Germany’s success is that their country has a huge chunk of drones in the air. Drone Industry Insights (which itself is German) gives an estimate of 430,000 drones associated with drone pilots. Around 11% of these drones are commercial drones. However, those drones associate themselves with 87% of the revenue in the drone market.


drone market

Many of the drone companies in Germany are relatively small, with an average age of 5.6 years and around 17 employees. 79% of the drone companies prioritize drone-related services. 21% of these companies associate themselves with hardware and software. Wingcopter is the biggest name in the drone market for drone-related services. It creates eVTOL drones, which are a combination of multicopters and fixed-wing airplanes.

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Like Germany, most drone companies in Switzerland account for drone services (87%). On the other hand, 13.2% of the companies associate themselves with hardware and software. Flyability is the biggest name in the drone service sector. Located in Denver Colorado, it uses drones for indoor inspections.

The drone market of these two countries have raked many investor dollars

It is very easy to grow a business if you have a healthy bank account. We can safely say that the drone market of both of these countries have done a tremendous job in incorporating investor’s interest, with Germany getting $747 million in investor funding in the last 9 years, making it one of the biggest countries in drone investment. Actually, it is ranked number one in Europe.

For example, Volocopter, a German drone product, got $241 in Series D funding in February. Volocopter is a specialist in designing electric multirotor helicopters in the form of personal air vehicles. On the other hand, Switzerland received $215 million in investor funding, despite having less population. Currently, Switzerland is number one in Europe in the per capita column.

If we look at the drone market statistics of both of these countries, Switzerland got $476 million and Germany got $996 million.

Germany and France are massive drone associations

You can put the growth of many countries down to the support of Verband Unbemannte Luftfahr (VUL). VUL is a group trying to promote constructive rules and regulations for the safe operations of unmanned aircrafts across many levels. This evolvement has a huge impact on the drone market.

The formation of these drone associations is a good sign of a vibrant drone industry where drone companies have progressively established themselves in their national markets, report from Drone Industry Insights

By flourishing, they have given rise to drone associations which allow industry leaders to spread awareness of the benefits of drone technology and acquire more financial support for various projects. This has clearly boosted commercial drones in Germany and Switzerland.

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What does the future hold for both countries in the drone market?

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In short, the future looks bright for both countries in the drone market. In Germany, we can see an annual growth of 14.5%, whereas Switzerland expects a ratio of 10.6%. The thing that is even more encouraging is that both countries may see limitations in the recreational drone use side. Both countries will improve commercially. After all, most countries will agree that you have to become a commercial powerhouse if you want to be successful financially.

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