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RC Buggy or the Truggy

Every kid tends to be attracted to RC cars at some point in their life. These vehicles have now developed into real-world radio-controlled vehicles that are driven by either gasoline or battery by adults. RC Buggy and truggy are the most popular of these RC vehicles. Here is a cool video that will show you why they are so much popular.

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For the new entrants into the realm of RC cars and confused whether to choose an RC buggy or go for an RC Truggy, here is a comprehensive comparison of the two. Let’s go through the major differences between an RC buggy and an RC Truggy.

Characteristics of RC Buggy and Truggy

  • A buggy resembles a car while a truggy seems similar to a truck. The actual word is a blend of truck and buggy.
  • A buggy is designed for indoor adventures and tackling smooth terrains. The Truggy, on the other hand, is able to conquer rowdier surfaces and large rough terrains.
  • A truggy tends to come with larger tires and is generally a lot higher off the ground.
  • A buggy is easier to maintain with regard to cost and is more reliable while there is a lot less wear and tear. A truggy, on the other hand, is expensive to maintain owing to the frequency of crashes that it has to undergo.
  • The truggy is suitable for off-road racing and bashing around. Buggy, on the other hand, is designed for racing on smooth surfaces such as tarmac or a sidewalk in your neighborhood.
  • At high speeds, it becomes exceptionally complicated to maneuver an RC buggy. By learning to control and handle a buggy at high speeds, a driver can hone his or her driving skills.
  • The bodywork of an RC buggy is simple and traditional. On the contrary, a truggy is a lot more complicated since it is engineered to resemble a beast of a truck. Owners of truggies are inclined to embellish them with flamboyant add-ons and vivid paints to make them stand out from the crowd.
  • A buggy is more affordable than a truggy. Having said that, both types of vehicles cost significantly and are not so cheap to maintain.

Let’s now go through the similarities between the two types of vehicles:

  • The truggy tends to offer the same pedigree of customization as that offered by a buggy
  • A center differential gear is employed by both the truggy and the buggy
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When looking to make a decision whether to buy a truggy or a buggy, you should actually weigh up your proclivities, preferences, and requirements. Are you looking out for reliability, cheaper options, or high-speed vehicles? Do you want a head-turner of a vehicle or a fast-paced machine that can win you races each and every time you put it on the racecourse? Are you ready to spend financial and temporal resources to customize your buggy or truggy and maintain it to get optimum performance? It all boils down to your personal choice and resources whether you should go for an RC buggy or an RC truggy. The choice is yours to make, folks! As they say, the ball is in your court!

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